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Sick. To. Death. of.....

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Guinness23 posted 6/5/2014 00:08 AM

....the KARDASHIAN clan!!!


Guinness23 posted 6/5/2014 00:10 AM

You can't go ANYWHERE - the store, Yahoo, any site and NOT see these people!


JanaGreen posted 6/5/2014 08:11 AM

I have a theory that if you talk or even think about a Kardashian (including anyone they may be sleeping with) you lose brain cells. I try to actively avoid reading about, thinking about, or talking about them.

Well, I am now, but just to pass along my important theory.

TrulyReconciled posted 6/5/2014 08:37 AM


tushnurse posted 6/5/2014 09:28 AM

They are icky. I'm not sure what the fascination is with this clan, other than it makes you feel better about yourself knowing how jacked up they are.

FaithFool posted 6/5/2014 11:08 AM


Guinness23 posted 6/5/2014 11:12 AM

You all ROCK!

Would these people even HAVE the publicity if they weren't beautiful people? Well. Beauty FADES. What then?

Just saw today that Leonardo Di Caprio specifically said at an event that he was at that they were also that he would NOT allow himself to be filmed for their damned reality show.

Way to go, Leo! Even celebrities hate them!

Deeply Scared posted 6/5/2014 11:20 AM

Would these people even HAVE the publicity if they weren't beautiful people?

Don't forget...Kim's claim to fame is leaking her sex tape years ago. How's that for shitty behavior being rewarded

SisterMilkshake posted 6/5/2014 11:25 AM

Just what is their talent and why are they celebs? I. Don't. Get. It.

Ok, Kim made a sex tape. Kim has a big ass that apparently menz are ga-ga for. I. Don't. Get. It.

They are filthy rich now.To be able to turn a sex tape and an ass into a money making gig, they are very business savvy. And, people who watch their show, buy their products are the ones to blame. Because without those douches, the Kardashian's wouldn't even be on our radar. Only their daddy being a friend of O.J. is all we would know.

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lieshurt posted 6/5/2014 12:00 PM

Let's not forget the Jenner sisters too. They've just come out with their first "novel"..... Rebels: City of Indra The Story of Lex and Livia.

They didn't actually write it though. They just came up with the idea and let somebody else do the work.

MissesJai posted 6/5/2014 12:40 PM

neither of those Jenner girls can read worth a damn. They're both "home schooled" which means nothing.

I think if everyone went NC, they'd eventually go away. HOPEFULLY.

And FWIW, KK's ass is FAKE. So is Khloe's.

h0peless posted 6/5/2014 13:10 PM


ISPIFFD posted 6/5/2014 13:23 PM


nowiknow23 posted 6/5/2014 14:12 PM

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