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Pinkyxo posted 6/5/2014 07:00 AM

Divorce was granted yesterday, avoided trial.

You can read my story in D/S. It's been a long hard road.

Ready to begin my new life!! Moving From Michigan to Venice Fla. I'm so excited!!


Looking forward to my new life. Have love and support from my family and friends. Just need to get my blood pressure under control and the meds seem to be working...or maybe it's because I'm finally rid of that parasite?

I have a pinterest board I have been pinnning to. I named it, Butterfly~New Life.
I want to get a small butterfly tattoo on my foot This is my new beginning, ready to thrive and spread my beautiful wings.

In fact, already cutting other toxic people out of my life. I'm too nice, love too much. Funny the people coming out of the woodwork who want to be with me and need money. Ummm NO.
Living for me now. In time, I hope to meet an amazing man. Someday. Not yet, need to heal.
But, I know that I have potential. Taking all of the right steps. I'm a beautiful person, heart and soul. My friends and family love and protect me now.

I've got this.

Glad to be here my friends!!


cmego posted 6/5/2014 08:24 AM

Welcome aboard!

She11ybeanz posted 6/5/2014 10:22 AM

Welcome friend!!! Beach sounds awesome!!! So jealous!!!

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