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kitty litter....

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unfound posted 6/5/2014 16:57 PM


it's like at night they grow temporary thumbs and toss it all over the damned house! I vacuum and vacuum, but it still gets all over the place. in the hall, down the stairs, on the couch . wth kitties??

tried a closed in litter box. No. Go.

tried a taller box. they just sat there and stared at me like "what is this supposed to prove?"

tried an expensive mat that said it would catch the litter off their little feet. they lied.

how do you keep it from tracking all over the house? I don't remember this from when we had old cat.

Williesmom posted 6/5/2014 17:02 PM

Get dogs.

Sorry, but if you get a dog, just replace "kitty litter" with "dog hair" and ask the same question.

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jo2love posted 6/5/2014 17:06 PM

My cat used to dive bomb into the litter box and kick it all over the place (covered litter box). Once I switched to Cat's Pride litter (smaller pieces of litter), she stopped kicking the litter.

Also, I went to one of the Dollar stores and purchased a square of grey & blue carpet. They had all different colors. The blue matches my carpet. The grey matches the litter. I can't even tell there is any litter until I vacuum. It catches any little bits of litter that get stuck to her paws.

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unfound posted 6/5/2014 17:15 PM

williesmom. we used to have dogs... spot on. only difference is dog hair doesn't clump on your feet when you step out of the shower onto the carpet.. ick.

after the failure of the "litter catcher" mat, I put a throw rug down. still doesn't catch it.

I"ll try the Cats Pride litter. the only thing is I hope they don't rebel and start going out of the box in protest.

GabyBaby posted 6/5/2014 17:26 PM

We use Worlds Best (the corn based litter) and don't see as much of it tracked around as some of the lower priced clay ones.

We have cats and dogs, so we've got litter, hair, and furballs galore!

Crescita posted 6/5/2014 17:56 PM

Oh yes, I deal with this too. I got one of those hideous igloo boxes with the runway, they still track litter. Also, since they don't appreciate that the runway is to be a litter free zone, they'll pee on it from time to time. Super fun to clean Don't get an igloo box!

sadcat posted 6/6/2014 07:11 AM

They have ones with the opening in the top! I used one for a while but one of my cats is too fat to fit in the smaller opening.

Other than that, the carpet remnants and such do ok. Frankly it gets everywhere anyway!

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