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Can I do a little work vent?

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hurtbs posted 6/5/2014 19:05 PM

I've overall had a very good year at work. I had a stellar review, the head of our organization told me that I was one of the best hires she had ever made, and I have gotten some amazing compliments... some a little scary (like being told that I could never leave and if I tried they would break my legs !!).

However, there are two people at work that I constantly butt heads with. These are both individuals that have clearly gotten into positions way over their head and are largely incompetent. They have gone without accountability for years. Now, they have a new supervisor and I am on the scene - my position requires a lot of interaction with them. Let's just say that I am beyond anal - I proofread everything, double check, make schedules and keep to-do lists, I follow up, etc. Needless to say, they are suddenly accountable. I know that this often results in the people suddenly being held accountable (I mean, for years this was allowed to deteriorate and no one has confidence in their abilities). In the last three days both of these individuals had lashed out at me with some nasty attacks - largely along the lines of "stop sending emails, it's difficult to communicate this way you should just call" (when you don't have a written trail, they often conveniently "forget" what you discussed or they agreed to) or just outright being jerks. Ughh... I know that this is growing pains and you can't please everyone. Part of the reason I'm so good at my job is I stay on top of things - and they do not. Ugh.

end vent.

Dreamboat posted 6/5/2014 22:07 PM

oh boy. They sound like some of the idiot X's that we deal with

I have a suggestion. Since they asked that you call them, then do that. And THEN send a follow up email summarizing what you discussed.

GabyBaby posted 6/5/2014 22:28 PM

Ugh...sorry, hurtbs!

So call them...then follow up with a "per our phone call, here are the details of .....".
That way you still cover your ass.

Amazonia posted 6/6/2014 04:58 AM

Yep, I was going to suggest a follow up email too. I have to do this with one of my colleagues every time. He won't reply to email, so you HAVE to call him or go to his office, but then his memory is apparently terrible.

hurtbs posted 6/6/2014 06:29 AM

Yes I have done that, but they still get livid about any record trail - period, especially if others are copied on the email (for example, if it's part of a broader group discussion). Essentially, they cover their ass by complaining about whatever it is that you do or don't do. If I call then send the email, then I'm being hostile. If I call and don't send an email they "forget" or say something like "this wasn't covered." Also, sometimes they get relaly angry about the phone call and say "This is something you should have sent in email!" Other times it's "You need to come down here and discuss it!" It's seriously ridiculous. The "you should be calling and not emailing" was just the latest iteration. I think it pissed him off because it was about a project that his boss is also working on so his boss was included in the email. Trust me, if I called him and then called the three other people he would have had the same reaction - except that time it would have been a "why are you going behind my back?" response. If I followed up with the email to the rest of the group it would have been "Why are you being hostile, we already discussed this you don't need to send out a group email."

Idiotic. Oh, and this time I actually had to send an email because I was doing my work in the work room (which doesn't have a phone) because in spite of multiple phone calls, in person discussions, and emails they still have not hooked up my printer!

[This message edited by hurtbs at 6:30 AM, June 6th (Friday)]

SpecialK posted 6/6/2014 08:51 AM

I'm sorry, I don't see why you are having to dance around these yahoos. As long as you are doing the same for everyone and they are the only ones complaining then that just proves your point.

Pick a method of communication and sick with it. If you have to have a "meeting" with all involved explaining why chose email verses phone then have one! Let them explain "why" they can't be team players..... :)

As long as you stay consistent, professional, and above all CYA, let their crap roll off your back. The powers that be will see and hopefully address the situation.

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