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Friend's XH/OW are expecting

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Junebug0525 posted 6/6/2014 13:08 PM

I just found out my friend's XH and the OW are expecting a baby. I still have work connections to him so I heard inadvertantly. I told my friend since she has a child and this would affect him. She had no idea. The rest of the work environment knows, so I was a little suprised she didn't call and tell me, but she said she didn't think he'd have told her. She would have found out from their son. She said she felt like crying, even though she's in a relationship now. I told her she doesn't, that she knows where this is headed.

Anyway, her XH treated her very similarly to mine. However, when she got pregnant with their child, while married, he blamed her, forced her to go get medical paperwork that showed she'd had her Depo shot. He wanted nothing to do with her or the kid. They stayed together, but apparently OW and he are "super excited", according to OW. I told her OW wouldn't tell her otherwise.

Her XH is very controlling, manipulative, etc. No one really likes him, even the people he works with (mostly because he's a slacker). OW is one of those insecure women who tends to go after those she can't have (obviously). I think it'll be a train wreck, but who knows.

I've told her about SI but I don't think she's interested in joining. I've given her tons of the same help that I received when I first went through this. It's mind-boggling how the lies, deceit, manipulations, etc are all so similar. It's like we were all married to the same person....

4everfaithful83 posted 6/6/2014 14:14 PM

I'm sorry for your friend...that is terrible. At least she has you for support, even if she won't join SI.

You're right when you say its like you're married to the same guy! Sometimes when I'm reading others experiences, it feels like my own...

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