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Shopping Addiction

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libertyrocks posted 6/6/2014 15:22 PM

I have a shopping addiction. Ever since I found out about STBXH OW on Dday #1, I shop, shop, and online shop.

I think it's my addiction.

It used to be sex, when we were doing well, then my kids, now, since I'm all alone, I'm proud and ashamed to say I am addicted to shopping. :(
Proud because I can admit it and ashamed because I'm trying to fill a huge hole in myself....

Crescita posted 6/6/2014 15:37 PM

(((libertyrocks))) Is the shopping holding you back from any other life goals? Is it making you reclusive or hurting your finances? I think everyone needs some type of outlet but if itís becoming an issue we can help find some alternatives that might be more suited to filling the void.

libertyrocks posted 6/6/2014 16:30 PM

No, not really any of the above.

I think I'm gonna go back to school and get another degree instead!! lol.

Thanks, sweetie.

Actually, when I was dating this guy, I didn't buy a thing, but now that it's over, back to shopping...

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