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old??? wth???

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Linus1968 posted 6/8/2014 21:09 PM

So, I go on OLD websites, and some of the girls will put 2 or 3 pictures of dog or cats in their collection. Why? I am not interested in the animals of your life. One profile had 6 pictures: 1 close up, 1 of her taken at a park with someone that was shot from the moon, 3 of her dog, 1 of a snake wrapped around her arm. WHAT?!?!?!

I am not really excited about this whole dating thing again...

And why can't I put words with all caps in the Topic Title?

You're an interesting species, an interesting mix. You're capable of such beautiful dreams and such horrible nightmares. You feel so lost, so cut off, so alone, only you're not. See, in all our searching, the only thing we've found that makes the emptiness bearable is each other. - Contact

Williesmom posted 6/8/2014 21:11 PM

I think the same thing when guys put pictures of their Harley, truck, boat, and atv in their profile. Total turn off.

Chrysalis123 posted 6/8/2014 21:19 PM

OLD??? It is weird no matter the sex of the participants.

nowiknow23 posted 6/8/2014 21:23 PM

And why can't I put words with all caps in the Topic Title?
That's by design.

rcantbleveit posted 7/25/2014 16:12 PM

I have several friends on OLD sites & some of their stories are just mind boggling. Both sexes talk about how the people rarely look like their pictures.

It seems to be mostly for hook-ups, not serious relationships, however I do know of one couple that met & married from Match. They seem to be very happy & they compliment each other.

I hate to see guys posed without their shirts. The Harley, Dogs, Cats, etc pics don't bother me because they are showing you what they are interested in. If you don't like those things, then it's best to avoid them.

Hoops posted 7/26/2014 00:19 AM

It is a numbers game (sorry for the pun).

There are people out there looking for real relationships you just need to weed through and find them.

My husband and I met on Match. My Uncle and his wife met on match and off the top of my head I know 1 coworker who's son was married off OLD. It isn't all bad. All 3 relationships are great. The coworkers are at least 6yrs out, my uncle married 4 yrs and I have been with my husband almost 2 yrs, married almost 1. Myself and my Uncle are both 2nd marriages.

It definitely takes time and patience. I was on and off OLD for a couple of years.

Patience and a good sense of humor. My husband does complain that none of them ever look like their pictures.

strawblond30 posted 7/26/2014 06:42 AM

What's OLD is that a web site? What are the better dating sites. My ex was & is a player on match

Jeaniegirl posted 7/26/2014 10:24 AM

OLD - Online dating

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