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The lies.....

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nekorb posted 6/8/2014 23:49 PM

I'm so fucking mad.

WH is careless and so I came across an email he sent/received to his mom and brother from an email account he knows I have access to.

He flat out LIED to them about some of the things that are happening/that I'm doing.

He's playing the victim, of course. Specifically, he was talking with them about the fact that I obtained a letter from the psychiatrist saying she is recommending a GAL and that I made the appt without his knowledge.

The appt was made a MONTH in advance and I told him about it when it was made! When I pointed this out to him he said he couldn't be expected to remember the schedule that far in advance. So the next appt I made with two weeks lead time. He said that was too short of notice for him to get coverage at work and appts needed to be made a month in advance.


His brother and I will be meeting after the divorce is final to have a talk. He is open to this and willing (or he was anyway!)

WH makes me so mad.

Harriet posted 6/9/2014 00:15 AM

I am so sorry ((nekorb))!

But I had to snort. Here is the one time I would say that you should break crickets and point out exactly what he just did. One month is too long, two weeks is too short. Tell him you will notify him from now on exactly 3 weeks, 2 days, 4 hours, and 20 seconds before each appointment. Your highness. And then bow.

I love sarcasm.

cvs2kkids posted 6/9/2014 09:38 AM


When I was either working or going to church services, my ww told our kids and her family I was off to see someone!!

Then this week-end, I was working in my office, and poor me, went to bathroom without cell. Anyway, she texted "Tried to call you but can only imagine where your at!"

Worst part, having to play nice until separation agreement is completed

Pass posted 6/9/2014 10:49 AM

Worst part, having to play nice until separation agreement is completed

That's where I'm at too. It's like we're putting on a little play for their benefit, and I fucking hate it.

GingerAle posted 6/9/2014 11:25 AM

((((nekorb)))) I feel your pain, and I hate it for you. The past two weeks I have brought a lot of pain on myself by 'snooping'. And I have felt anger I haven't felt since he moved out. NC really does mean no new hurts. I have enough to try to handle with him (the parental alienation I posted about yesterday), I don't need to go pain shopping. They are liars and that isn't going to change. I know how hard it is not to worry or care about what they are telling other people. But there is nothing we can do about it, and we need to stay focused on ourselves and our children. I have been 'snoop free' for 5 days and it is getting easier everyday. And once you get some official paperwork prohibiting him from coming and going from your house as he pleases, you are going to feel much more powerful. Focus on getting that done, ASAP.

You can do this nekorb! And we will support you and help you. ((((nekorb))))

southsidecali posted 6/9/2014 11:28 AM

To avoid that, just have him schedule the appointments himself. Give him a week and let him coordinate his schedule for when its convenient, that way if it doesn't work out it is all on him

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