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Moved Out - Weekend from H3ll

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last.chance65 posted 6/9/2014 16:29 PM

Sorry in advance for the length, need to get the craziness out..

I had a plan in place to move out at the end of this month. In three more weeks I was looking forward to my own space. I was still battling with how to tell my children, but I was eating the elephant one bite at a time. Apparently, I was eating the elephant too slowlyÖ

Well, WH and I were invited to a couple friendís party. As a part of our ďlive in separationĒ, I only go places with him if it is necessary for our children. So, I asked him if he planned on going to the party, because I hadnít made up my mind yet. He gets upset and says that I donít have to act like Iím so unhappy around him and that he would watch the kids if I want to go. I didnít want to get engaged in an argument, so I communicated to him that my decision was not based on him, I just wanted to know what his plans were.

Later that night, I fix myself a drink, go in my room, play on the internet, and send some texts to various friends on my phone. Well, apparently, while Iím doing this, he is looking at my usage on the phone bill (the number of texts and data used). TMI: I then start to have a little fun with myself (hey, sorry, itís been a while). In the middle of this, he comes in my room pretending to need some pants and asks if Iím awake. I tell him I was sleeping. He says that he knows Iím up from the data / text usage and wants to know who Iím talking to and what Iím doing. He pulls back my covers, sees my current state, takes my phone, and goes outside. Well, he canít get into the phone (not that I have anything to hide) because itís locked (as part of his going through my things before), and he refuses to give it back to me. I tell him that Iím moving out first thing Sunday morning (while he is at work) because he canít respect me or my privacy, yet heís been running around with various women for the past 12 years of our relationship.

He calls his mother (at 1am, 3am, and 5am) and tells her that I am moving out because he caught me playing with myself (true) while I talked to my ďboyfriendĒ (not true). In between those times, he kept coming in my room, waking me up all hours of the night/morning, asking about charges on the bank statements, accusing me of different things, calling me all kinds of names, and telling me things like he hopes I die of AIDS (while our children slept). He finally gave it a rest at 5am, but had to go to work at 8am. I started packing. We get in the car to get something to eat first, and when I go to pay, my bank and credit cards were missing. (Luckily, I had something on the side in case of an ďemergencyĒ). So now he has my phone and my means of money, and I have three kids. I go back home to call his mother and let her know what was going on.

His parents show up and they talk to him when he returns from work and his Dad tells him that he has to return my things. He hands me the credit cards and says that heís not giving me the phone back because the line is under his name. I told him it doesnít work like that, and I have no problem getting a phone in my name, but need a phone now, especially as I am on the road with children. He says he left it at work. I pretend to get something out of my car, but instead open his car door, to get my phone. After he realizes I took the phone, he starts rushing towards me yelling and screaming that Iím a slut, whore, @sshole, I am f#cking men and womenÖ the list goes onÖ all in front of our three children. I go in the bathroom and lock the door and his Dad says that they are getting me out of the house and the children are coming with me. When I come out of the bathroom he continues his rant, in front of his parents and my children, which included that I was ďplaying with my p*ssy (true) on the phone with my boyfriend (false)Ē in his house. Talk about embarrassing..

I go to my inlaws and my sonís first question is: ďMommy, why do you have a boyfriend and a girlfriend?Ē I tell my son that Mommy doesnít have a boyfriend or girlfriend and that I am home every night with him because he is my world.

Despite what almost everyone else on here would do, it would have been an opportune time to tell my son that Daddy had many, many girlfriends, but I just couldnít do it, because, unlike my WH, I donít like to include children in adult situations.

Oh yeah, and on the way to my inlaws, he has my phone turned off. I told his mother, and of course she had him to turn it back on.

So, where I am now is that his mother is a liason to discuss who will pick up the children.

betrayedfriend posted 6/9/2014 16:35 PM

OMG! What a mess, it sounds like his parents are willing to keep his ass in line, but I strongly suggest you get a lawyer and file for emergency orders immediately. If you can split your finances and phone now, do it so he can't jerk you around with money.

kg201 posted 6/9/2014 18:59 PM

I read these stories and just scratch my head afterwards. They cheat, lie, do all manner of craziness, and yet we try to keep ourselves sane (and in some instances satisfied) and they lose their shit. What a moron!

last.chance65 posted 6/10/2014 09:39 AM

My plan is to split our finances at the end of the month. I think that with his parents knowing what heís capable of, and his Dad being able to keep him in line, I am going to be okay for the next two weeks. His mother means well, but he is her baby. Just this morning she told me that I need to accept my responsibility for this situation. While I get that there are two sides to a story, I never cheated on my WH, and always took care of the kids and the house.

I agree, kg201. The way I see it is that he doesnít like the way I have responded to HIS infidelities.

ETA: My 6 year old was apologized to by my WH. But, apparently he believes that Mommy was wrong. He keeps asking if I have another boyfriend, he tells me that he wants to go home, and that I should stop texting on my phone so much then Daddy would cool down. So, I see that I will have to explain things to my son, but definitely when things cool down and I am in my house on my terms.

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PurpleRose posted 6/10/2014 10:03 AM

Sorry I don't know your story, have you filed yet? Have a lawyer?

You must get temp orders in place NOW!

The doosh tried to do the same shit with my phone, turned it off and took me off the bank account. He also cut off the cable tv.

I had temp orders in place, which meant he was not allowed to do any of that.. but many Waywards do not play by the rules (they did not in the marriage, don't expect them to during the divorce either). The kids got very upset when the phone/tv were turned off... And pressured him into turning my phone back on immediately.

Get yourself legally covered. Like, yesterday. He won't stop playing nasty games, and his parents should not be trying to control a grown-ass man throwing temper tantrums.

last.chance65 posted 6/10/2014 10:22 AM

I do have a lawyer that I have spoken with, but with moving and starting over, I donít have the money to retain him just yet. I really canít understand why adults play such childish games when they donít get what they want.

kg201 posted 6/10/2014 10:48 AM

My X didn't think my level of anger at her following dday was appropriate. She stated several times, including in her restraining order, that my anger was over the top and excessive. Ummmm...right.

If you didn't see this on a previous post, it is a good article that summarizes the whole issue.

Kajem posted 6/10/2014 11:10 AM

Borrow the money. Charge the retainer to a credit card- he's escalating and will soon be out of control. You need to protect yourself and your kids. Get the lawyer on board to do that.

Regarding him : you can't make sense out of crazy.


last.chance65 posted 6/10/2014 11:44 AM

Just Wow at not thinking your level of anger was "appropriate".
Good read. Thanks for sharing the article.

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