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Keep getting better...even after the divorce...

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Linus1968 posted 6/9/2014 20:46 PM

Ok, she is paying me support. She built her career on my back and left me. She uses a bank that we both had when we were together. Now, she is the sole user, yet I still have the ATM card, and that is how she pays her support.

Anywho, I text her "Can I pull $100?" She answers "I'll have to give it to you. I have it here if you need it, you can try to pull out the $100 out. I had to pull most of the money out because the IRS put a levy on my other bank account. But, there is still a little money in there so you can try."

I had to read it a few times to understand what I read. You pulled money from the IRS to try to hide it from them??? Could they not know by looking at records saw you took it out? And, WHY do they have a levy? What does the OM think about this???

Now, I really don't care about the last question, but something does not add up. The kids told me they went to Orlando this weekend. I don't know what they did or how long. So...

The more I think of it, it could be a total lie just to make me feel guilty, which I don't. But, we are divorced, but how far could the IRS go? Could they come after me? I am not sure how far behind she is. She better not get me sucked into her financial affairs...

If she is telling me the truth and told me to make me fewell wearly, wearly bahd for her, TOUGH!!!

How'd woulda thought it could get weirder after the divorce???

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SBB posted 6/9/2014 22:08 PM

I would change this arrangement ASSP. Have the support garnished from her salary.

Is the account in her name or both names?

No way in hell would I open myself up to this. I will never enter into a handshake agreement with a man without honour ever again.

Do you really want to be asking permission to withdraw money forever? It gives her so many buttons to push I think I'm coming up in a stress rash just thinking about it!!

Not to mention it causes a bunch of unnecessary contact. You didn't need to now about her money issues. She sacked you from that job, remember? Time to close the bakery for good, brother. Burn that fucker down.

Focus on severing all ties. CS goes into your account = no contact required.

Talk to your L to make sure you are protected here.

Dreamboat posted 6/9/2014 22:40 PM

First, breathe.

Assuming that whatever tax liability she has was racked up after the D then they cannot come after you. However, they can confiscate bank accounts and they can put liens on property IF her name is on it. The IRS threatened to put a lien on my house until I pointed out that asshole signed a quit claim and is NOT on the deed. The IRS (and many debt collectors) have contacted me looking for him. I simply say I am not his wife and he does not live here.

Just to be safe, I would take your name off that account and I would also set up alternate arrangements for CS payment. If she gives you push back on alternate arrangements then tell her that she has a choice to either pay this new way or you will have her wages garnished.

one2ndchance posted 6/9/2014 22:57 PM

You've only been divorced a few weeks, so unless you filed separately, you're responsible for these taxes also. These taxes are from 2013 or possibly 2012 (if she's like my STBX and filed multiple extensions).

Don't you have a copy of what was filed? Did you file jointly? If so, you would have had to sign them before filing. If you don't have a copy, I believe you can order one from the IRS.

Bluebird26 posted 6/10/2014 03:06 AM

Change that arrangement today. You shouldn't have to ask her for the support. It should be paid automatically to you, even if it is from her wages being garnished. You need to know what to budget with. What happens if she doesn't have the funds? I wouldn't want to be waiting for that day.

PurpleRose posted 6/10/2014 14:49 PM

No freaking WAY would this kind of arrangement work for me. You need to have a set amount of money each month- otherwise how will you know how much to budget for?

And what happens when, one day, she decides not to pay you cause she doesn't feel like it? Or doesn't have the money?

Yikes. You need to get your SS/CS set up automatically.

Kajem posted 6/10/2014 19:13 PM

She can mail you money orders each week. Amscot does them for free. 😊

Does she own a business? Hopefully this is a business issue and not an individual (joint) liability. But do your due diligence and find out if you are part of this Lien. And protect yourself accordingly.

Yeah it gets weirder and weirder. I think it's because they don't do the work to get healthy - they would rather run and rugsweep.

Good luck,

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