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Mastiff Update!!

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hurtbs posted 6/13/2014 13:19 PM

Great update! Took her to the orthopedist today. He did a full physical exam as well as x-rays. He said *zero* sign of dysplasia, no sign of bone cancer (my big worry), not even a hint of arthritis!

He told me that she had the best hips he'd ever seen on a mastiff (and he has been practicing 30 years or so). He even commented that she should have been bred three times over! Vets never want dogs bred! He said her muscle tone was excellent, no sign of torn ligaments or muscle damage. She is in exceptional health. He also commented that her weight is ideal and essentially gave me a gold star for that.

He thinks that she must have twisted or pulled something badly. He said just to limit her activity level a little longer and gradually increase it. Overall, she should be living a longer, happy life. :)

I nearly cried in the vet's office with the news. Such a relief. Now I know going forward, never going to be hip dysplasia if she's injured. It is a degenerative condition so no way that she would develop it at 10 years old without having it.

I'm practically giddy!

ETA: He also told me not to tell her her age as she's a young looking girl. Other than the gray in her muzzle, she's a young looking girl!

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simplydevastated posted 6/13/2014 13:39 PM

That is fantastic!! I'm so happy for you!

LosferWords posted 6/13/2014 13:42 PM

That is really great news, hurtbs. Thank you for the update!

ncharge posted 6/13/2014 13:46 PM

What beautiful dogs! I love mastiffs. They are so intimidating on the outside and so sweet inside.

StillLivin posted 6/13/2014 13:46 PM

Thanks for the update. So glad it is something treatable with love and time!!!!

lieshurt posted 6/13/2014 13:58 PM


nowiknow23 posted 6/13/2014 14:38 PM

Yay!!! What a fantastic update.

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 6/13/2014 17:06 PM

Wonderful!! I'm just sorry you had to spend so much time worrying before she could get in with this vet.

jo2love posted 6/13/2014 17:33 PM

Yay!! Wonderful update!

luvbug0915 posted 6/13/2014 18:40 PM

Wonderful news! So happy for you and your sweet mastiff girl.

tushnurse posted 6/14/2014 15:50 PM

Yippee. It's sooo scary when our giant breeds start having trouble getting around.
Glad to hear all is well.

deeplysad posted 6/14/2014 16:04 PM

That is a wonderful update!! So glad to hear the good news.

KLinNoCA posted 6/14/2014 20:16 PM

What a pretty girl!! So glad she's ok!

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