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I use to love going to the movies...

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Dark Inertia posted 6/15/2014 00:03 AM

Rant: Who takes their 1-3 year old baby to the 9pm showing of Malificent? And who's brilliant idea is it that when the baby starts crying to whip out the cell phone and let said baby start to take selfies in the theater as a way of pacifying?

Sadly, I had the misfortune of sharing a theater tonight with this mom... and I missed True Love's first kiss because I was too distracted with the bright picture of a baby face in front of me.

Yes, I complained to the usher, and yes, she complained very loudly about dumb people who can't handle a little cell phone as she was leaving the theater.

Why is it every. single. time. I go to the movies I have to deal with some selfish person on their cell phones when there is ad after ad after ad to turn the damn thing off???

Major pet peeve of mine if you can't tell.

Want2help posted 6/15/2014 01:48 AM

OMG, I had to check the name on this post to make sure I didn't write it!

Same thing happened to us at a 8pm showing of Malificent. Only it was a 11-12 month old, and when she began crying they decided to just let her run free in the theater. She got to us and decided to jungle gym all over the chairs, try to climb in my purse, etc. I almost picked her up and took her home with me.

It reminded me why I haven't been to the theater since Benjamin Button was showing (2008).

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solus sto posted 6/15/2014 10:47 AM

This old bag has taken to going in the afternoon--my kids will spare time for me then, for one thing.

It's fabulous. All the toddlers are at home napping, gathering energy to disrupt nighttime showings.

(I have vivid memories of being taken to some stultifying movies at night as a very young child. It's not fun for the kid, either. Selfish parents suck.)

Dark Inertia posted 6/15/2014 12:39 PM

Lol, Want2help, I am sorry that happened to you, but I am glad I am not alone here! I didn't mention that this woman called me a jerkface as she left as well, so for a minute I thought well, maybe I AM making a big deal out of nothing...

Solus, I think my brother and I were subdued kids, or something. One of my earliest memories is my mom taking us to the movies to see Iceman. I was around 3 or 4 and had the sad misconception that it was about the marvel comic Iceman... And not some boring old Neanderthal that even more boring old scientists had discovered. I remember jumping with excitement before the movie started and my brother acting all mature and annoyed (he is only 2 years older, lol). By the time the movie started, and my disappointment set in to the horrific realization that it was a "grown up" movie I decided my best recourse was to go to sleep.

Another friend also suggested morning or afternoon theater times. I may start doing that, because the less people in the theater the better.

purplejacket4 posted 6/15/2014 12:53 PM

There's a theater here I go to that doesn't allow children under six and if you're caught with your cell phone out after the movie starts they escort you out. Drastic but awesome.

Dark Inertia posted 6/15/2014 14:38 PM

There's a theater here I go to that doesn't allow children under six and if you're caught with your cell phone out after the movie starts they escort you out. Drastic but awesome.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

Dreamboat posted 6/15/2014 15:55 PM

And this is why I only watch movies on pay per view in the comfort of my own home. I know I am missing out of the theater quality sound and awesome huge picture, but I also don't have to deal with babies and toddlers, cell phones, talking, chair kicking, etc etc. Plus it is cheaper. And I don't have to smuggle my drink in

Want2help posted 6/15/2014 16:16 PM

We've taken to going to a 21 and over theater. They serve wine and pizza. It's awesome.

And no, you're NOT overreacting.

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Sad in AZ posted 6/15/2014 16:58 PM

Before I started working nights, I'd go to the theater at dinnertime--around 5:30-6:00. Almost no one goes at that time

TrustNoOne posted 6/15/2014 18:38 PM

I hear you. I stand united with you.

We now go to the first Sunday matinee of whatever it is we want to see - whether normal movie, RPX, or IMAX 3D. Whatever time the first Sunday showing is, that's when we're there.

Few people. Almost no children. Reduced ticket prices. Acceptable lines at (still overpriced) concessions.


Don't tell anyone else please.

jrc1963 posted 6/15/2014 19:01 PM

I don't think I've gone to a non-kid related/themed movie since my DS was born... So there's always kids there...

But I've found the first showing on Sunday morning is an awesome time to go... usually not too many people and clean theater and not ice cold yet.

Whalers11 posted 6/15/2014 19:14 PM

After many bad movie theater experiences with rude people and inconsiderate behavior, I have resorted to going to the movies to see movies that have been out 3-4 weeks and at odd times. That way I either have the theater to myself or only a few other people.

simplydevastated posted 6/15/2014 19:59 PM

I hear you. I don't understand the thinking behind bringing a small child to an adult movie. Get a sitter!

I went to the movies once in the afternoon to see the Mel Gibson Revolutionary War movie (I can't remember the name). There was this small child (not toddler) screaming and jumping around in his seat. If I had to guess an age he was around 6 or 7. He flipped over in his seat and buried his face in the back of the seat at the part where the canon ball took off the guy's leg. How was this a good idea? I spent most of my time watching the boy and not the movie.

The worst part, the adults completely ignored him.

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Phoenix1 posted 6/15/2014 20:23 PM

Not overreacting at all, and I agree! Unfortunately, I see that type of selfish, irresponsible, discourteous parenting all the time and it sickens me. It is that same behavior that is making some restaurants prohibit young children as well, to the angst of the media and customers with young children...sometimes drastic measures ARE needed because of nitwit parenting skills.

Charity411 posted 6/16/2014 16:08 PM

I don't think you're over reacting. Now the old guy who shot the cell phone using man in front of him in the chest killing him at the movies? That's over reacting. You, not so much.

gonnabe2016 posted 6/16/2014 17:04 PM

I can't even come up with a coherent thought because the notion of a baby taking selfies is occupying all of my brain space.......what a hilarious image.

persevere posted 6/16/2014 23:58 PM

I typically go to a full service theater - serves food and drink - and they have a zero tolerance policy for phones, lateness or any other disruption.

nowiknow23 posted 6/17/2014 00:17 AM

Whalers - I'm right there with you. Probably sitting five rows behind you, actually.

These over 21 theaters sound intriguing. I wish my city had one.

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