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Boundaries In Marriage by Henry Cloud

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blakesteele posted 6/18/2014 10:13 AM a must-read book for all couples.

That is the purpose of this post.

If you are more than 6 months past DD...please get a copy and read it.

I have reflected on that one book time and again as I choose my way through this process....will reflect on it for a lifetime. It is that good.

It is a great instruction manual to get you to understand you have choices, there is power in those choices, and your spouse can or cannot be a part of that process....your growth is not dependent on them or where they are at on the "boundaries" scale.

Setting and living with boundaries is quite.....freeing.

Weird, huh? I thought so to until I read this book.



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rachelc posted 6/18/2014 10:15 AM

It's a really good re-read as one journeys through recovery because your perspective changes and you go through different stages. i get it out every 6 months...

good suggestion!

blakesteele posted 6/18/2014 12:26 PM

I bought the hard copy....anticipate re-reading it over my lifetime too, rachelc!


hopefull77 posted 6/18/2014 19:37 PM

Ok....another book for me to buy! Thank you for the suggestion!!
I have read BEYOND BOUNDARIES....that was very good...

blakesteele posted 6/18/2014 21:34 PM

Beyound sitting on my dresser. I am looking forward to reading it, more so that you enjoyed it!

A Grace Filled Marriage is what I am into now.....pretty solid book. A must-read? No.....but it was for me as I seek to understand what grace is. I had a lot to learn.


phoenix2015 posted 6/18/2014 22:44 PM

Currently reading his book with Townsend called Boundaries. I really need something that lists specific boundaries that are good to have in a marriage.
Everything I have been reading is very general. As a person who has done whatever I could to make others happy, specifically my spouse, I am in need of more specific guidelines as I obviously don't know how and when to set boundaries. I am doing better when he messes up because I feel justified, but when things are going well it is difficult for me to follow through.
Will this book do that for me?

blakesteele posted 6/18/2014 22:52 PM

Yes ma'am. Boundaries in Marriage is specific to how to move around within a M and set boundaries that keep you drinking from the well you vowed to....your spouse.

You will find this book very helpful....not a repackaged "Boundaries" book.


phoenix2015 posted 6/18/2014 23:02 PM

Guess I will be putting in another Amazon order.....they love me
I have been thinking about this book, but was worried it would not be what I was looking for, so thanks for the recommendation.

HurtinginSoCal posted 6/19/2014 00:34 AM

Not Just Friends is what my fWH is reading. It was a recommended read.

blakesteele posted 6/19/2014 05:56 AM

Your welcome phoenix2015.

Amazon will let you read a bit of it first, if you would like? is a great used book resource....usually find new and used books at a great discount. It's affiliated with EBay and is safe.

My devotional had this to say today:

"Good boundaries help us finish the course. They clarify our convictions. They provide us with clear moral direction by assigning a healthy, predetermined path as situations arise. They draw the florescent lines that we will not cross because of our love for Christ and our desire to see His plan realized in all areas of our lives.

HurtinginSoCal......Not Just Friends is THE must read book for all affected by adultery. Thanks!


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