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Mama of the Year Award

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Mama_of_3_Kids posted 6/20/2014 16:16 PM

I registered DD for summer camp, about two months ago, and applied for financial aid to drop the cost. I had not heard back on the financial aid, and I've never sent DD to this camp before, so I thought maybe they just didn't send a you owe ________ and I needed to look up the balance. Today, I went in to her registration, only to see that I registered her under DS13's name and not DD's name Their names are similar enough to make the mistake, but I've been getting e-mails titled with DS13's name and never noticed it I was at work when I noticed the error, so of course I had to tell my co-worker that sits in the same general area. We were both dying of laughter...I was almost in tears. I then had to call the office of the camp to tell them what I had done...after I explain it, laughing through the entire thing, I was told that the person who could fix it was out for the day. Now, I get to call back on Monday and explain it again Pretty sure this gets me a Mama of the Year Award

ETA: This has nothing to do with above, but I have, "Boom Boom Pow," stuck in my you probably do, too. You're welcome

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nowiknow23 posted 6/20/2014 17:19 PM

Well, did DS13 get financial aid?

unfound posted 6/20/2014 17:30 PM

oh mama, don't get too attached to that award...

I once signed up ds for baseball and read "parent name, age, info etc" instead of "player name, age info etc". Yup, I got a nice letter from the league thanking me for my interest in little league, but unfortunately, I exceeded the age limit .

unfound takes award from mama, walks proudly off the stage.

Mama_of_3_Kids posted 6/20/2014 21:21 PM

NIK, I'll let you know, on Monday

Found-y, I said I get "a" Mama of the Year award...not *the* Mama of the Year award

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