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Questions about sexual addiction

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mrhurt314 posted 6/22/2014 09:53 AM

I have many, many questions on the subject. And I'm not looking at this as a casual study. The very concept makes me uneasy, but it *might* help clarify some very maladaptive, and possibly destructive behaviors that I've had for years. Best case, I can put this worry to rest. Worst case, I have to pony up and start dealing with it head on.

I get a lot of push back on this subject regarding it's legitimacy. Especially in regards to affair related behaviors. I feel there's a much bigger picture that needs attention, with or without an A.

If there are any SA WS that are up for some discussion and question answering, I'd really appreciate it. I'll gladly take a PM from male members on this specific subject, if that's more respectful.

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