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Like I really wanted to hear that..

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shygirl07 posted 6/23/2014 16:20 PM

Why do people sometimes feel the need to tell you things? Sooo this woman, E, E used to date the exs best friend. The exs best friend actually left her for another girl and then that girl dumped him for someone else and he came crawling back to E but they arent together.. karma tho! So E understands my pain. Well E and I were talking about how the Ex is who he is . Then a week later she texts me telling me she saw him , briefly.And they both talked about their babies. E has a new baby and my ex has a baby (with his ex he left me for, jerry springer anyone? ) anyway, I thought E was in my corner but maybe she thought I didnt care to hear that. I mean we have been broken up for two years almost.

I triggered for a few days. Before I realized , I am ACCOMPLISHING MY GOALS AND DREAMS... i DIDNT want that child that he so badly wanted because he mistreated me and it wasnt an equal partnership . And for him to have a child a year after we almost had a child, after being together 7 years, shows 1) he checked out a long time before we ended 2) he was in a rush to have a baby...

it just hurts but at the same time he always wanted this baby to fix his demons.. who knows if they are fixed...thats really how you fix them , dumping your gf for your ex that dumped you and never wanted you until youve been with soemoen for a long time and appear to have money.. i know for the MOST PART im healing but little things like that just grind my gears.. its not that I want him to have his karma but he did me so wrong even all his friends say that , i just want him to one day feel bad or have something unkind done to him .. on a good note , we havent spoken since dday sept 2012 !!! not one word :-)

Ostrich80 posted 6/24/2014 00:12 AM

Shygirl..he may have been karmanized already but you just don't know about it. I'd bet the farm things aren't as,wonderful as E says or you may think. She dumped him before, he cheated on you....she got a cheater and he is a potential dump-ee. Not the best circumstances for a healthy relationship She prob fears he could cheat on her and with that comes insecurity and jealousy. He prob fears she may wake uo one day and remember why she dumped him the first oh yea, now I remember what I didn't like about you. Kwim? Just keep moving forward and one day he will be a dirt spec in your rearview mirror.

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