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Parenting 101 fail

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tesla posted 6/24/2014 06:53 AM

Sheesh. I pick Teslet up yesterday morning, bright and early. We go to a store because it's time to get him a new bicycle. I pull a couple off the shelf and have him hop on to figure out what size he needs. As he's sliding off the first bike, he says, "mom, I don't have any underwear on."

And suddenly, in my mind flashed tryingagain's stupid xh and commandowife. What. The. Hell.?

I asked if he forgot to put undies on when he woke up this morning. He says that actually, sometime yesterday(?) he had his swim trunks on and the happy little family went somewhere but he needed to change into regular clothes and dad said it would be ok if he didn't have underwear.

Apparently it was also ok for Teslet to sleep in his clothes and not change into a new set of clothes when he woke up.

And I'd get mad about it except given that Teslet wanted to have bedtime talks about why I wanted dad arrested AND why I don't let dad pick him up from daycare, the undie thing is barely picking up on the radar.

IrishLass518 posted 6/24/2014 08:09 AM

Wow, just wow. I see the parenting skills are on the decline over at the bowels of chaos.

Williesmom posted 6/24/2014 08:45 AM

What is wrong with people?

It's like when you see dirty kids in the morning - you know that they went to bed dirty.

Fucking Jagoffs.

BrokenDaisy posted 6/24/2014 08:58 AM

Ugh!! Can't even manage the basics.

(((Tesla & Teslet)))

GingerAle posted 6/24/2014 11:18 AM

Ummm, so no bath after the swimming, sleeping in dirty clothes, and wearing no undies. Wow.

I hate him so much for burdening Teslet with grown up issues and disparaging you to him ((((Tesla & Teslet))))

tesla posted 6/24/2014 11:21 AM

Omg not gonna believe what t just told me...ugh. These people.

PurpleRose posted 6/24/2014 11:29 AM

As a teacher, I believe it. :(

Thank goodness you can balance out all the stoopid shit exshat does.

nowiknow23 posted 6/24/2014 11:32 AM

Omg not gonna believe what t just told me...ugh. These people.
I'm almost afraid to ask, tesla.

Pentup posted 6/24/2014 11:48 AM

If your ex wasn't such a jag off, I would think, one day, big deal. He had fun swimming....

But with your ex, it is always just one.more.thing.

Seriously, can he not buy a freaking clue on how to be a decent human??

caregiver9000 posted 6/24/2014 11:50 AM

First, be glad teslet is aware that he isn't wearing underwear... My youngest DS went through a solid year where I had to ask "Are you wearing underwear?" before letting him out the door. He loved to answer, "I am pretty sure yes" which led to an exasperated "Can you CHECK?" from me. This same son prefers to sleep in basketball shorts and a t-shirt (which qualifies for "fully dressed" here). His reasoning? Saves time in the morning not having to "get dressed."

Oh, and swimming in a swimming pool? Qualifies for bathing. In fact, "Can we go to the pool so I don't have to bathe?" actually has been said out loud.

As for "why do you want to send daddy to jail?" - I have experience with that conversation. Gritting my teeth here. That shit ain't funny.

eta: pool=bathing is "boy thinking." And when the boys become aware of girls, the bathing thing is not a problem. Having enough hot water? yes, new problem.

[This message edited by caregiver9000 at 11:52 AM, June 24th (Tuesday)]

tesla posted 6/24/2014 12:03 PM

Ok, Teslet just fell asleep. Guess I'm wearing him out.
Teslet says, "dad has a pool, but it's not for me but they still let me play with it. Guess what it's for!"
"A pool? I hope it's for swimming."
"No, not a pool...a know, to swing around on!"
"A pole?"
"Yeah, a pool. It's in the livingroom. My cousin and I do cool tricks on it...but my cousin is starting to break it. Uncle (ex-shat's bro) was mad because he thought it was supposed to keep the ceiling up. But it's not. It's for excercising and doing tricks on."
"Anyone else excercise on the pole?"
"Yeah, stripper whore does. She can hang upside down on it with only her legs, mom."
"Huh. Bet dad thought that was a pretty neat trick."
"Mom, dad was at work."

Oh, fanfuckingtastic my kid is getting the tiny tot stripper show when she ought to be taking care of my kid.
So help me god.
Mama bear wants to destroy people. Right. Now.

IrishLass518 posted 6/24/2014 12:10 PM I am stunned and I am praying that you can bring this to your L's attention and have stripper whore's private shows stopped.

Lola2kids posted 6/24/2014 12:11 PM

Holy shit, Tesla.
She's getting back in shape to go back to work.

I can't believe she does it in front of Teslet.
Wonder what she wears when she's doing it.

This is just so wrong.

Lola2kids posted 6/24/2014 12:11 PM

Whoops double post.

and ETA

[This message edited by Lola2kids at 12:11 PM, June 24th (Tuesday)]

nowiknow23 posted 6/24/2014 12:11 PM

(((((tesla & teslet)))))

ArkLaMiss posted 6/24/2014 12:24 PM

CALL CPS NOW! This is sooooo not good for your child to witness. Call. Seriously.

Gemini71 posted 6/24/2014 12:36 PM

I'm speechless, just speechless.

I have boys and have done the whole, 'You just came out of the pool, here's some shampoo and the garden hose.' But really?! Their little parts are sensitive and chafe. Don't even get me started on inadequate wiping. Going commando is not an option (especially with zippers).

As far as the stripper pole in the living room. Really, really?!! I have a mental picture of Teslet saying, "Uncle Teslen says I should give you a dollar when you do that." Totally inappropriate.

donotlietome posted 6/24/2014 12:56 PM

I must have missed the update from the weekend. Did all go OK for you Friday?

NoMorDeceit posted 6/24/2014 12:57 PM

...she swings from the pole in front of your little boy??? You can't make this shit up. I'd report her, if nothing else let them investigate this. Grossssss. Seriously who does that??

Newlease posted 6/24/2014 13:22 PM

Ok - the pole thing is gross. At this point he's still young enough to think it's just for exercise and "tricks." What is she wearing when she's on the pole? If she's fully clothed (for her) then he won't see anything weird about it.

It's when he gets older and talks about it with his peers that the TRUTH about what the pole is for will come out. And he will be embarrassed.

Poor Teslet - he shouldn't have to navigate this stuff.


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