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Yankee needs Southern hostess gift ideas

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positively4thst posted 6/25/2014 20:14 PM

I will be visiting my son for the 4th who has fallen in love in the southern univ he is going to. I have been invited and am flying in to the "lake house" for the 4th weekend. So unlike me, I am drawing blanks for hostess gifts. I've never met her or her parents before (I can't wait) and it is a surprise, my son doesn't know I'm coming!! Can't wait!!! But what to bring?! I don't know anything about her parents (the hosts) as far as interests, hobbies, etc. The background photos I've seen of their home don't reveal much other than a very well decorated and tidy home!!


Pentup posted 6/25/2014 21:43 PM

If it is a lake house, beach towels are typically welcome.
I would take something from your area. Is there a special candy or food that is unique to your area?

I was just looking at this on Pinterest for myself (house guests coming here, want something to welcome them)
A monogrammed canvas tote (LL Bean) is handy for everyone and you can put something in it or not.

Selkie posted 6/25/2014 23:18 PM

A coffee table style cookbook from your area is usually a nice gift. No need to worry about fave colors or food allergies, then.

Undefinabl3 posted 6/26/2014 11:21 AM

I know that you have never met them, but are they on Facebook? You could possibly find any Pintrest boards as well that may give you an idea of their interests and likes.

positively4thst posted 6/26/2014 17:39 PM

Thank you all! Great ideas! Monogrammed LL Bean tote with beach towels, maple syrup and some other goodies!!

And now I'm heading to Pinterest! Thank you all!

Catwoman posted 6/26/2014 20:28 PM

Definitely food items from your area. If they have frequent guests at their lake home, little things like gourmet jams, dips or cheeses are very much appreciated.

My parents need no more "stuff" for the lake house, but they love receiving gifts of interesting and regional gourmet food.

May I recommend Stonewall Kitchen as a good place to start for gift ideas. Their sauces and jams are outstanding.


heme posted 6/26/2014 20:45 PM

Something from your local area that is consumable. Mainly because then you don't have to worry about their tastes. Someone there will likely to like what you brought. Last time we visited family and stayed with them I brought chocolates for each of the families we were visiting. It was well received and since it was edible it didn't hang around with the "what do we now do with this" that other presents would have.

tushnurse posted 6/27/2014 11:37 AM

booze. I say you can never go wrong with booze.

Chrysalis123 posted 6/27/2014 12:45 PM

booze. I say you can never go wrong with booze.


Pentup posted 6/27/2014 13:42 PM

Booze if you don't know their religion could be not a good idea at all. Therefore, bring it to my house.

positively4thst posted 6/30/2014 23:44 PM

@tush nurse & company: Hahahahah! Oh yeah, there will be booze but I'm packing it undercover in my suitcase for after hours!! Something tells me they don't partake!

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