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beachgirl37 posted 6/26/2014 02:02 AM

In st 3 Years Since My Husband Had His Midlife Crisis & Thought H Need A Younger WhOre & Freedom From Being A Husband And Father. But For Me Its AD ClearAs If It Was Yesterday.
EverythinG Had Been Great Until Jan This Year When He Had A 2 Day Work Conference.. IGot Suspicious & Went Into His Email, He'd Been Advertising On Craigslist For Female Company Overnight But Told Me I Wasn't Allowed To Go. I Contacted The Girls ThatReplied &Told Them I Didn't Want To Do That Anymore. Then Sent Everything To Him Via Text &Email, He's Been Seeing Two Other Women Add Friends One He'd Have Drinks With, The Other Lunch. He Maintains Nothing Ever Happened, ThereWasn't That Kind Of Connection. But Then I Find 10 Dating Site Profiles Very Explicit This Is all Within The Same Month, Cleary We Were Having Problems But He Tells Me Its Just An Ego Thing, He wouldn'tEt These Women Its Just An Ego Boost To Have People Wanting You. He EvenPosted To Met Someone When He Went For A Meeting In Ne, But IFound It & Had a Friend Pretend To Be Interested. He Fell.For It, But Again He Said He Had No Invention Of Meeting, Just The EXcitement

I've Been Keeping Very Close Tabs On Him, Most If The Dating Site Profiles Have Been Deleted & He doesn't Go On Craigslist. He's Given Me AccessTo His Email & Phone, Butt I'm Scared.


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OakStreet posted 6/26/2014 04:39 AM

Don't know enough about your story to give real advice here, but it doesn't sound like advertising on Cragslist and dating sites is a commitment to your marriage.

Ego boost? Bullshit.

Gator8 posted 6/26/2014 11:24 AM

I dont know why but last night it made my username beachgirl... i'm the poster. weird.

my husband is very egotistical, he seeks female attention, he needs that assurance that hes still good looking to others, its ridiculous. The whole dating profile thing etc, was all done after we had a really bad bad fight, that threatened divorce. Again he went completely overboard, and didnt act on anything, but also didnt think i'd find anything out either, hes amazed I found everything and that I could pick out his craigslist posts from hundreds of others on three different citys.

I'm watching him like a hawk, I check his phone when hes not around, his email while hes at work, craigslists, and dating sites. I've made phantom accounts and replied to his profiles he still has open, but there has never been a reply, and they all say there has been no activity for 3 months. its so time consuming and depressing though. I've lost alot of weight.

Why do we love these people so so so much that this is tolerated, i cant see life without him, i cant break my family apart, my children without their father. He knows that, He doesnt want that, but why this ego bullsh_t?

sigh..... thank you for listening....well reading.

shygirl07 posted 6/26/2014 13:25 PM

I feel it's always their excuse that "nothing was going to happen" its more like something was probably going to happen until they got caught.. I feel he crossed the line , the line of caring about your heart . When you are committed to someone you dont disrespct their heart. THe day you do , its all downhill from there... Ive heard that song and dance to and stuff still did happen after behind my back. The wayward ex met a whore in vegas and after swearing nothing happened, they were messaging planning to meet again months later...

Like I tell others on here I know its excruciating but you dont deserve that ... better to leave that,the source of your pain cant be the source of your happiness... my mom left my dad when i was 1 and im glad i saw a strong woman who knows her worth then her just staying to make us happy .. you deserve the world

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