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Kind of amused

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rollerager posted 6/26/2014 13:23 PM

On Monday I called XF to see if he wanted to visited with the kids, he didn't answer phone call so he never saw them. The next day I was having difficulty with our son in walmart, I called XF to see if he could take him for an hour while I shopped, he didn't answer. Then today he just decides he wants to call on his lunch break.

I did not answer of course. It makes me annoyed but a little amused as well. I mean really why in the world would he think I want to talk to him when he totally ignored my calls about the children. So ridiculous and I already know what he'll say. He'll make up some lie about how he didn't get the calls or he was still at work. All the while I'll roll my eyes knowing that he was most likely out running around, seriously stupid that he thinks I don't know he's lying.

Vent over.

kiki1 posted 6/26/2014 14:38 PM

Good for you for not taking the call!!

Doesnt look like you'll be able to count on him for help, dont expect much, it'll save you some grief in the end.

And yep, he probably is seriously stupid, doesnt get how his behaviors have made you a much wiser woman.


shygirl07 posted 6/26/2014 16:50 PM

Good job, screw that nonsense. Its not 1988 anymore where getting ahold of someone if they werent home was impossible . His excuses are full of crap like him!

Ostrich80 posted 6/26/2014 17:45 PM

Geez, guess he's not going to be co parenting anytime soon. What if there were an emergency? Good for you for not answering his calls. He's so immature regarding his children...what a shame.

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