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My next M L C...

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FaithFool posted 6/29/2014 14:25 PM

Here's what I'm thinking this week... someone stop me. I could pay cash.

FaithFool posted 6/29/2014 14:49 PM

10% discount for cash. OMG. I've requested a test drive.

Be still my heart!

Brandon808 posted 6/29/2014 15:58 PM

I'm not the one to talk you out of it. If I had the cash I'd be getting a new car tomorrow.

FaithFool posted 6/29/2014 16:03 PM

The last car I bought was in 1985, a Honda Civic. It lasted me until 2009. This one would probably see me out nicely...

They could bury me in it.

Tred posted 6/29/2014 16:17 PM

Go for it! Looks sweet to me...Mazda makes fun cars. I had a Mazda 3 for years and loved it.

Sad in AZ posted 6/29/2014 16:53 PM

I can see you in that

FaithFool posted 6/29/2014 17:00 PM

This one is more practical... I can practically see myself in it.

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persevere posted 6/29/2014 17:02 PM

I love my Mazda6, paid cash for it right after the divorce, though your choice is WAY sportier and way more fun!!! Can't wait to see a pic of you in it Faith!

sisoon posted 6/29/2014 17:15 PM

If it's like other Mazda sports cars, it's not great in the snow, especially in corners, but it's great fun to drive otherwise. My Mazda3 had trouble on wet clover leafs, but it's the only car I've owned that I loved to drive.

FaithFool posted 6/29/2014 17:24 PM

Good to know. If it's snowing I don't bother driving, don't need to.

If I were to get one it would be just for fair-weather weekend outings. I would probably not drive much in winter at all as I'm close to everywhere I need to go.

I don't even need a car, just daydreaming about this one and it's making me happy.

solus sto posted 6/30/2014 08:51 AM

Being practical in nature, I will point out that it has much more steel around you than the bike. Therefore, I highly recommend that you purchase it at once.

My next midife crisis involves a certain bar/restaurant/dance hall/music venue Texas. Which I will own. Maybe not this time (it's for sale currently--you never know...) but someday.

TrulyReconciled posted 6/30/2014 09:39 AM

Go for it! Or ... for a few dollars more ...

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spond posted 6/30/2014 10:49 AM

I had a Mini Roadster convertible for a week or so as a loaner.... it was SOOOOO MUCH fun...

You should test drive one of them.

FaithFool posted 6/30/2014 15:34 PM

Ahhhh, I'll take any car as long as it's red. I'm a salesman's dream come true.

Seriously though, I've been car-free for five years now and the thought of paying gas, maintenance and insurance gives me hives.

Think I'll just go and rent a Stang for the weekend to see if I can get this out of my system.

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