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Just call me "Grace"

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ThoughtIKnewYa posted 6/29/2014 22:52 PM

So, I was bringing a baby gate UP the stairs, while my dog was downstairs munching on some cat food, so that my little deaf and blind dog wouldn't fall DOWN the stairs (once I brought him UP the stairs), when I fell UP the stairs, onto the gate- and, yes, there is blood.

Waywardson is not happy! He's all, "You're not supposed to get hurt and BLEED!".

Earlier tonight, I was showing DD a video about the cycle and it was basically a video empowering women. When it was over, I was telling her to never let a guy make her feel ashamed of her cycles and said that they wouldn't be here without us. She said we wouldn't be here without them, either. And *I* said...

Yeah, it's the whole chicken and egg thing.

And she LOST IT!! I mean, doubled over, saying, "OMG!! I can't breathe!!", lost it.

I didn't realize what I said until after it was out there.

So, yes, Grace, I am.

BTW, it was this video:

So, I'm doing my part by bleeding on everything!

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jrc1963 posted 6/30/2014 09:24 AM

Glad you're ok Gracie...

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 6/30/2014 13:55 PM

*sigh* Well, this has opened a dialogue about our next house needing to be a ranch-style. I didn't really want to tell Waywardson because I knew it would worry him. He's gone long hours and I'm here, usually alone, but DD was here last night- not that she heard it. I'm just glad I fell UP the stairs, instead of down. I have to be more cautious!

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