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Shinypenny posted 6/30/2014 15:36 PM

I have a question. My WH has allowed me access to his accounts, however he admits to deleting emails and then deleting them from the deleted folder. We both have hotmail accounts. In my deleted folder it gives me the option at the bottom of the deleted folder to restore deleted emails. His does not give that option. Any ideas how I could recover them? I understand this is a shot in the dark. Just looking for the truth.

Landoes posted 6/30/2014 16:23 PM

Check the sent folder, that's how I uncovered more lies

craig2001 posted 6/30/2014 16:55 PM

When you click on the Deleted folder in Hotmail, scroll all the way to the bottom and there should be a message that says "Lost a message? When you recover deleted messages, we bring back as many as we can..."

The recover deleted messages is a link.

If you have another computer, try his hotmail on it.

Shinypenny posted 6/30/2014 17:24 PM

Oh the sent file and I are unfortunately acquainted. That's how I found his replys to craigslist ads. And I see the lost message link in mine, but not on his. Have tried on my iPad an PC. Is there a way he disabled or hid this? Makes me crazy suspicious!

Shinypenny posted 7/7/2014 19:29 PM

Does anyone know if there is a way to see which numbers are being texted without looking at his phone? We have sprint and I can see his calls, but only a total number of texts. Sorry. Just obsessing again.

mandolin555 posted 7/7/2014 19:55 PM

Do you feel like this is the life you want or deserve? I think being an infidelity cop is more triggering to me than actually finding anything...because the whole time I'm searching, my heart is pounding and I feel sick...just waiting for the ax to drop!

In answer to your might be best to do a voice activated recorder in his car or spyware for the phone. If you've been a member long enough or made enough posts you can find out how in that forum.

Christy516 posted 7/7/2014 21:46 PM

The only way to see sprint texted numbers is to go to their site, download the form requesting it, print it out, have it notarized and fax it back to them. They will then send you a disc with the numbers, times and dates only. No content. You have to be the account holder to do this. Good luck.

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