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Day 6 of 180 - Divorce Attorney or Mediator?

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mamajen00 posted 7/1/2014 13:17 PM

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ShiningAutumn8 posted 7/1/2014 13:29 PM

I personally don't think its possible to negotiate with people who lie, cheat and deceive.

I would go with the attorney. You need to protect yourself.

Good luck and good for you sticking to NC and not standing for this kind of treatment.

Red Sox Nation posted 7/1/2014 13:44 PM

Mediation only works when both partners are interested in divorce and in reaching a reasonable settlement.

A good lawyer can effect that result even when both partners aren't on the same page.

I'm not a big believer in mediators early in the process. Too many emotions at this stage.

tushnurse posted 7/1/2014 14:46 PM

Personally, I say it would be crazy to use a mediator in Divorce, unless you have nothing to loose, no home no kid no pension, no savings.

Otherwise you will get screwed, it will drag out for a longer time, and you will end up having to hire an attorney anyway.

This man has proven one thing. His word is useless, so him saying he wants to work it out without lawyers really means, give me everything I want, and let me do whatever I want when I want, and if you don't then we are going to have a problem, and you are the unreasonable one.

I say it's well worth the money now. He will know you aren't to be messed with, that you are strong, and that you are not going to take this lying down.

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