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Oh dear Lord, I laughed myself sick

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HFSSC posted 7/1/2014 20:30 PM

JM and I sometimes text bible verses to each other. He also has a couple of really good guy friends and they exchange verses and prayer requests.

So tonight we got a little racy and were texting Song of Solomon to each other. Well, somehow he got his wires crossed and sent this to his best friend:

"Your two breasts are like two fawns of a gazelle that browse among the lilies. Your lips drop sweetness as the honeycomb, my bride, milk and honey are under your tongue."

Stephen texted back, "Wow, man, I didn't know you felt that way."

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Aubrie posted 7/1/2014 20:35 PM

QS and I are sitting here in stitches.

MovingUpward posted 7/1/2014 20:36 PM

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 7/1/2014 20:37 PM

jrc1963 posted 7/1/2014 21:11 PM


BrokenRoad posted 7/1/2014 22:00 PM

When WH5 were engaged and looking for special vows we came across this one. I started reading it to him and he just laughed.

I'll pretend I wasn't serious at the time.

TrulyReconciled posted 7/2/2014 09:46 AM

"Bromance" ...

BrokenButTrying posted 7/2/2014 09:49 AM

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