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Happy ending

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Blanket posted 7/2/2014 03:14 AM

Is there a fiction novel out there where the protagonist experiences infidelity , makes it on her own without falling in love with the man in the coffee shop, new postman, next door neighbour etc etc etc.
I want a story of someone that survives this crap without a new love interest being the reason!

undertherug posted 7/3/2014 07:25 AM

Francesca's Party by Patricia Scanlan. Great story of a woman taking her life back after her husband's cheating. Also Tear Stained Beaches by Courtney Giardina.

Skye posted 7/6/2014 19:44 PM

Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman: A Novel
by Elizabeth Buchan is an easy, fun, feel good read.

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