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The guy who left his child to die in a hot car

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Tickingtock posted 7/3/2014 14:30 PM

You know the Georgia man who left his young child in his car all day while he was at work? Apparently he was sexting 6 different women while he was at work and his child was dying in the parking lot. Coincidence? Or did he desperately want out of his situation as a husband and father?

tushnurse posted 7/3/2014 14:41 PM

This man and his wife both need to be put in a hot car and left to close to death, and then revived, and done over and over again.

She was in on it too.

It is sick and twisted, and that beautiful baby boy did nothing to deserve such a horrific life. I am sickened by this, and can't even bear to think what kind of messed up you would have to be to even do this.

plainpain posted 7/3/2014 14:47 PM

Oh wow. I have no idea about that, but my guess is that if that is true he was just totally distracted, although for the worst possible of reasons. In the most innocent of circumstances, it can be surprisingly easy to forget you have a sleeping child in the back of your car if you are out of your routine. "A" brain appears to thrive in compartmentalization and induces a "fog" of sorts. It kills a lot of common sense and caution and healthy instinct. I am sure that consequence leaves a guilt and a remorse that would be absolutely unbearable.

I guess I should hear the news story before I comment. So incredibly sad.

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Dark Inertia posted 7/3/2014 14:50 PM

Was the wife in on it? If someone can link some evidence or reports I'd love to read it... I just read the article about the sexting. Sick people.

confused615 posted 7/3/2014 14:53 PM

The child wasn't asleep. The father had just left a fast food place, where both of them were inside eating breakfast. His job is less than a mile away..daycare was even closer.

The child was awake.

And he came outside on his lunch break to put something in his car. I think he came out to see if the baby was dead yet.

He searched..and his wife did as long it takes for a child to die in a hot car..and how hot it'd have to be for death to occur.

Both are guilty.

TrulyReconciled posted 7/3/2014 14:55 PM

I'm with Judge Tushnurse

plainpain posted 7/3/2014 15:08 PM

Oh my God. That is the most horrific thing ever.

Charity411 posted 7/3/2014 15:16 PM

I wanted to give this guy the benefit of the doubt until I turned on CNN at lunch and started listening to this hearing. I felt gut punched. I agree that his wife was in on it. I think this is like that woman who shot her kids because her boyfriend left because he didn't want kids. I think this is beyond depraved.

ButterflyGirl posted 7/3/2014 15:17 PM

When DS10 was about 5, we had been playing outside, and I lost him for a little while. We ran around everywhere looking for him. Then I finally hear the tiniest of screams. I look at my car, and he's inside, banging on the window. I rush over to open the car, and omg, within just 5 minutes or so, he was sweating like a pig, hot as hell, heart racing so fast. I got him immediately inside and into a bath to lower his temperature.

Seeing the terror in his eyes when I opened that door was horrific, so this story is especially hard for me..

tushnurse posted 7/3/2014 15:30 PM

He searched..and his wife did as long it takes for a child to die in a hot car..and how hot it'd have to be for death to occur.

How can a person do this, I had heard about him going out at lunch as well. It just sickens me.

Accidents happen, this was not an accident.

Ostrich80 posted 7/3/2014 15:40 PM

Oh my God..they researched the info on how long it takes? Did they see what a person goes through while they are baking in a hot car..I would have to say there is no punishment severe enough for these evil people. That poor innocent child.

confused615 posted 7/3/2014 18:03 PM

One of the girls he was sexting is 17.

There was also a life insurance policy on the baby,$25,000.

They were having financial trouble.

I hate this monster.

Poor sweet baby.

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PurpleRose posted 7/3/2014 18:17 PM

The police have found evidence of them both watching videos of animals dying because they were left in a hot car... So I don't know if there are videos of people dying like that ( and I'm speechless to think there are videos of animals suffering like this while someone videos it...)

So yeah. They both need to burn in hell here on earth before they go burn for eternity in hell. Disgusting.

ETA spelling

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silverhopes posted 7/3/2014 18:34 PM

I wish somehow that baby would have been taken out of there before it was too late and someone who loved him would have raised him. I hope the angels are loving him now.

JanaGreen posted 7/3/2014 18:57 PM

Ever since I read that Fatal Distraction article years ago, this has been a fear of mine. To research what happens & then deliberately inflict that torture on an innocent baby - it's just sick. It's unthinkable.

Random thoughts posted 7/3/2014 19:06 PM

The wife sat in court chomping on bubble gun with no emotion.

The father looked up childless freedom lifestyles, how to survive in prison.

The 17 yr old was sixteen when the sexting started

A 2,000 and 25,000 life insurance on the little baby

Watched the video of a vet demonstrating how a dog would die in a car.

Also videos on people killing themselves and people dying in war.

Guinness23 posted 7/3/2014 19:15 PM

I wish somehow that baby would have been taken out of there before it was too late and someone who loved him would have raised him. I hope the angels are loving him now.

Do you want to KNOW HOW MANY people like me were unable to have kids in life???

EVERY SINGLE TIME I hear about some heartless "parent" starving/torturing/killing their children I SCREAM at the top of my thoughts upward WHY GOD??? WHY DID YOU GIVE THESE HEARTLESS PEOPLE KIDS AND NOT PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO WOULD HAVE TREASURED THE GIFT?????

I couldn't even imagine leaving a dog in a hot car for 10 minutes YET ALONE YOUR OWN FLESH AND BLOOD LOOKING UP AT YOU SO TRUSTING!!!

The two NEED to get the death penalty and then promptly CREAMATED WHILE STILL ALIVE.

Random thoughts posted 7/3/2014 19:22 PM

Curious for those who have kids, do you have life insurance on them....defense keeps lowballing this as nothing ...

One just compared the A Thousands Ways to die to watching people killing themselves, executions. Really? Not even on the same planet.

Aubrie posted 7/3/2014 19:22 PM

I cannot wrap my mind around this.

That poor sweet baby. So trusting. So loving. He knew Daddy would always take care of him. And the person who should take care of him more than anyone else, walked away and left him.

What is wrong with people!? I understand the whole "innocent till proven guilty" concept, but things ain't looking so swell for these pathetic excuses that claim to be parents.

heme posted 7/3/2014 19:23 PM

I have a 20mo little girl, right now she is running around playing kitchen with her big brother and sisters.. This story makes me cry every time I read something new. How could ANYONE hurt a child like that? I would give anything, including my life, to protect my babies. I can't imagine people deliberately hurting their children but it happens so often..

I have to admit the latest information is just horrible in more ways than one. Self absorbed to the max.

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