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Making a bad situation worse?

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EmbraceTheChange posted 7/7/2014 15:30 PM

My husband had an EA with a co-worker (most probably a PA too, I doubt they were only talking about their days, like he wants me to believe).

I am itching to sender COW BH an email, with all my findings, and the phone's bill, where he can see for himself the 1700 texts in September.

My WH was the COW's manager in a big firm. I already checked if she could sue us for sexual harassment, but since it was 2 consensual adults, it's not possible. (At least one good news).

I would love to get the transcripts of the texts, because if there were any arrangements to meet at a hotel, they probably texted. So I could finally know for sure. However, to get the transcripts, I will need to go through my wH's boss. And this is a real problem, because my WH would most probably get the sack (due to the amount of texts), and so we would lose our only income.

Anybody has any idea how to get the transcripts, or if it's a good idea to go through his boss?

Thanks for your help.

Mercilesslynuked posted 7/7/2014 16:40 PM

Depending on what type of phone it is, there are data recovery programs however since this happened 10 months ago I'd be willing to wager that it would yield nothing of substance (assuming it has been in use since September). Basically the way data storage works is you have Xgb of storage and once you start deleting things, it becomes available again... but only until something else writes over it (a text, a note, a song, internet history, the list goes on and on).

I used software like this and was only able to recover ~300 of 1500+ texts, the rest were either jumbled beyond belief or no longer there in any way shape or form... and this was within a month of the beginning of her deleting things.

SoVerySadNow posted 7/7/2014 18:08 PM

It's probably easier to use a recovery app or program than to get the phone company to provide them- that is usually impossible. You might recover something but since it's been awhile...
ETA- there are people experienced with this in the
Investigative tips forum.

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EmbraceTheChange posted 7/7/2014 19:36 PM

No, we don't have his phone anymore, it got smashed in 2, accidentally on purpose. I'm regretting this big time, I could have gotten the phone transcripts.

Could the COW BH do anything reg my husband's job, if I send him an email detailing their affair? Could my WH be fired due to the number of texts( (over 3000 in 4 mths)? He was the project manager at the time, she was reporting to somebody below my husband.

Thanks for your help.

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