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WS plays Kisa to me

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RightTrack posted 7/9/2014 01:33 AM

My WS liked the ego boost of playing the KISA role with OW. He saved her from her "neglectful" husband and listened to her talk about her problems for hours, etc. etc.

I never was that needy. I never had a whole lot of problems before this! (minus medical stuff that I didn't want to dwell on)

Now when I want to talk about the A, and when I let him know how hurt I am from seems to turn him on. It's weird and it's not what I need from him. I don't think he's getting turned on by thoughts of his AP, I wonder if it's another opportunity to play KISA that does it. Anyone have something similar?

OakStreet posted 7/9/2014 07:42 AM

Can't say I experienced that scenario.

Hell, I would have been happy if my WH had even listened to me in the weeks after Dday.

But I sure know about WS's need for an ego-boost!

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