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For those who are proud of wife's bathing suit body

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MindMonkey posted 7/9/2014 13:42 PM


Obviously didn't want to post on the sister thread but I gotta ask: Do you guys even care what your W is covering up? The fact that they are in a bathing suit pretty much means we're gonna see more flesh than normal so that's pretty great, right.

My W is always picking out her flaws and pointing them out to me. Sure I notice them (after she points them out) and don't find cellulite attractive. I'd lie if I said I did. But the thing is, I'm not looking at the cellulite because there is something else (actually quite a few things) I'm distracted by. It's a guys nature. We look at things that we like, not things we don't.

I'm of the opinion that every woman has something sexy about them (most of them a lot of things) that counters a complaint they have.

What's your go to counter attack?

I always act like I didn't hear and say I was thinking about if we had enough time for a quicky before we hit the pool (all the while staring at her hind end). Then for a bonus, I "adjust" myself as if I was "taming" a chubby.

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