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Gaaaaaaah! I hate him!

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newlysingle posted 7/9/2014 16:16 PM

The Gnat has decided he needs to pretend he's father if the year and wants to visit the kids next weekend. We're 1800 miles away visiting family. He emails me his itinerary and says "we will be find a hotel near your mom's house". I responded "who's we?" Of course, I got crickets in return.

I thought there might be a chance that his mother would join him. She did, last year. He told me a few months ago when he asked to visit while I was here, that HK would NOT come along. I never even asked about it.

So now I'm pretty sure she is coming. It just makes me mad that he can't do anything without that stupid whore tagging along. It'd be nice if my kids could have just one day alone with their dad. Sigh.

The part that really makes me mad though is that he hast called the kids once since we left over a week ago. He then today demands that he be able to speak to the kids. We've been busy all day and have a birthday party to attend tonight. I asked if we could so it tomorrow instead, he says "it's been over a week. I'd like to speak with my children". Really asshole? You've had all week to talk to them snd now because you've decided you're ready, we are supposed to jump to accommodate you. Fuck you.

Sad in AZ posted 7/9/2014 17:47 PM

I asked if we could so it tomorrow instead

Your first mistake. You should have told him "We're busy. They will call you tomorrow.

It depends on how your decree reads. I would have been inclined to tell him, "We are busy this entire trip. Don't bother coming. You will have your parenting time _____."

Don't let him set the tone. You set it and he dances to your tune.

KatyaCA posted 7/9/2014 18:23 PM

What is your parenting plan and visitation schedule? Is it your time or his this week?

Tell him you are busy and the kids will call him tomorrow and then hang up. You are giving him control by being overly accommodating.

newlysingle posted 7/9/2014 21:06 PM

Thank you. I do just need to be more direct with him.

Unfortunately, we can't have a standard custody schedule. Due to his extensive work travel, he gets the kids 8 days per month. We decide which days he gets them on a month to month basis. The reason why I ok'd him coming to see the kids was because it was the only way he'd let me take them for five weeks out of state. I think it's ridiculous, but it was a small concession to make to get an extended time back home.

He never texted back after I told him she'd call tomorrow, so I guess he's over it.

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StillLivin posted 7/10/2014 01:17 AM

I would so have my Mom and sisters and support group meet him and her at the door and give him and her both the evil stink eye. Mom is great at it. But she might actually shoot the bastard, so maybe not her. LOL. Then again, Mom is a terrible shot and would probably shoot Shrek instead.
Anyway, your family can rally around the campfires and give the stupid whore some evil stink eye???
And FTG, you are nicer than me, when I'm busy I don't answer his calls. Haha, ok, we don't have young children together so I don't answer his calls at all....matter of fact it is set to go straight to voicemail. Sometimes when he calls, I don't see it for weeks! Sorry you don't have that luxury.

newlysingle posted 7/10/2014 07:39 AM

Oh, I so wish I could ignore him.

I don't think HK will have the balls to show up at my mom's house. I'm sure she will be cowering back at the hotel. I don't even like the fact that that nasty whore will be contaminating my hometown.

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