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Food you could live w/o that everybody else loves

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rachelc posted 7/10/2014 17:20 PM

Ice Cream - I just don't get the appeal...

BrokenButTrying posted 7/10/2014 17:28 PM

Me neither, it hurts my teeth.

Coffee. I hate the stuff.

BrokenButTrying posted 7/10/2014 17:28 PM

Ooops duplicate post

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Crescita posted 7/10/2014 17:52 PM

Hamburgers and fries.

lieshurt posted 7/10/2014 17:52 PM

Jelly filled, creme filled, anything filled donuts

Mack9512 posted 7/10/2014 18:09 PM


traicionada posted 7/10/2014 18:20 PM

Peanut butter

Rebreather posted 7/10/2014 18:53 PM


I tried, I really did. I can choke it down when I have to, but bleh

Lucky2HaveMe posted 7/10/2014 19:54 PM


Amazonia posted 7/10/2014 20:40 PM


travels posted 7/10/2014 20:57 PM

Kettle Corn
Jelly filled doughnuts

Jrazz posted 7/10/2014 21:01 PM

Bleu Cheese
Salted Desserts
The fatty part of meat

I'm sure there's more....

SBB posted 7/10/2014 21:41 PM

Coriander (cilantro), cardamon and ginger - smell like toilet
Chocolate ice-cream - I just don't get it
Mint flavoured icecream or chocolate - wrong
Rockmelon (cantaloupe) - can't stand the smell
Chicken breast - even moist it tastes like cardboard
Raw onion in salads - why????

New favourite food from my new favourite Caribbean restaurant - plantain mash with bacon bits through it.

musiclovingmom posted 7/10/2014 22:32 PM

Avocado in any form, but especially guacamole. The color and texture of guacamole reminds me too much of unpleasant diaper changes. Plus, I just really don't like the way avocado tastes.

time2grow posted 7/10/2014 23:19 PM

cream cheese

TattoodChinaDoll posted 7/10/2014 23:47 PM

Is it bad that I want one of each? Well, except the oysters. I'm with you on that one, Jrazz. Oh, and mushrooms. Taste like feet smell and has the consistency of a firm booger.

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Unagie posted 7/10/2014 23:56 PM


miadianna posted 7/11/2014 00:05 AM

Mashed potatoes
Cupcakes or cake
Anything fried
Ice cream
Fast food

LosferWords posted 7/11/2014 00:15 AM

Acorn squash. That is the second worst food in the universe to me, aside from Nattō, but I don't think Nattō is a popular food.

Well done steak. I absolutely love steak rare and medium rare. I like medium and medium well steak. A well done steak tastes like a ruined steak to me.

Grits - I'm on the fence with that one. Could be I just had some poorly prepared ones, according to some of the fellers in the menz thread. I'm on a quest for some quality grits, before I make my final decision.

Sad in AZ posted 7/11/2014 00:38 AM

Peas; I hate peas.

Chocolate ice cream

Nuts in my chocolate bar

Liver (I'm not sure that this makes the list, but there are people who love it... )

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