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My mail going to Ow's

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Ashland13 posted 7/12/2014 13:28 PM

For some reason I find this very amusing.

I think because Perv is such a perfectionist-or thinks he is. He is mixing up the medical insurance papers and blaming the company he works for. (I have secondary insurance so it doesn't affect me in any way) I suspect his lies are catching up , like hiding his address and OW. He lists her as "roommate" and me as "wife" with his workplace?

Another result is that my name is on some of the papers with his address and going to OW's house. It appears on paper as if I am still "the mrs" and in my darker hours, this just ...well, tickles me pink.

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osxgirl posted 7/12/2014 14:16 PM

A thought went through my head....

Is there any chance he's doing something so OW can use the health insurance too? It shouldn't be that easy to do - most doctors/hospitals want to make copies of both the insurance card and the DL, but I couldn't help but wonder if some of the mixup is because she has used the insurance as you at some point.

Gemini71 posted 7/12/2014 15:19 PM

Ditto what osxgirl said. Make sure all your claims are your claims.

Insurance companies are still idiots. Dipshit and I have been separated almost a year, and all the health insurance stuff still goes to him. I filled out paperwork for separate delivery citing HIPPA rules, but they're still sending it to the Dipshit. It's not a big deal for me, he's not abusive, but still it's annoying.

Ashland13 posted 7/12/2014 17:12 PM

That's a good idea, but I wonder why he would bring the letter to me then? I haven't opened it yet.

I haven't use the insurance, either. I am covered.

I wonder how to find this out without him knowing.

Will mention to L#2-1 maybe.

ETA that I did open it and it is definitely a bill. I haven't even used the policy, so it will go in my lawyer pile.

Weirdness follows me still. And so much crap.

Thanks again, everybody.

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Time Ticks On posted 7/12/2014 17:35 PM

Ashland, call the place the bill is from such as dr, dentist, and ask about the bill. I would let them know it was not you. You don't want dr. bills piling up and ruining your credit.

osxgirl posted 7/12/2014 17:35 PM

The alternate possibility is that someone somewhere put a policy number in incorrectly.

I had that happen a couple of years ago - I got a statement from my insurance company for some sort of home healthcare service that was definitely not mine. I never got a bill for the portion the insurance company didn't cover - which made perfect sense since I wasn't the patient.

I called the insurance company and let them know. They thanked me, and I never heard anything again nor got any repeat incidences. I assume that someone at that provider just transposed some numbers for the policy when entering it, and somehow it got past any checking that would have made sure patient name and policy matched.

Or... is it possible that he's dumb enough to not realize that even though it had your name, it was a statement for treatment for the OW?

Kajem posted 7/13/2014 07:41 AM

Ashland, on more than one occasion, ow/NW has represented herself as me.

Call the dr office and ask them for copies and go to the office and collect them. If you ask them to mail it, they'll mail it to the address on file. You don't want to tip your XH off.

I'd be getting a credit check to see if there's anything else.

Crazy assholes do this crap.


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