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Prostate Cancer, Radiation Rods and Pregnant women\Children

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Gottagetthrough posted 7/12/2014 16:02 PM

My friends dad has prostate cancer. He is getting the radiation rods or radiation seeds placed in his prostate soon.

My friend lives with her dad and has constant contact with him. She will be helping out as needed during this time (driving him to the doctor, etc)

Should I stay away from my friend for a while if I am planning on getting pregnant in a few months? I read online that kids and pregnant women should not be too near the PATIENT for a month... what about being near their close family?

I am supposed to attend a class reunion type thing with this friend 3 days after her dad's surgery, and I just want to make sure Im being stupid and theres no risk to being in close contact with her...

sudra posted 7/12/2014 19:05 PM

There's no reason whatsoever to avoid your friend. She's not radioactive in the least.

The radiation that is in her father is emitted like a ray of sun, only its a different wavelength. But just like the sunlight doesn't linger on us, radiation doesn't linger on your friend after she's with her dad.

Former radiation therapist here.

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