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Caught some Fraud?

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Ashland13 posted 7/12/2014 17:30 PM

Well the mail I opened with Ow's address is actually my name with their address...but it's their tv bill!!!!!

My emotions are a little...haywire so I needed somewhere to spew / vent.

I wonder a next question, which is how to protect yourself from creditors you don't know you have?

And...what next? Will I ever be free, even when I'm free?

deena04 posted 7/12/2014 18:22 PM

1. Call the police and show then the bill.
2. Call the tv billing and tell them it's not you and you were unaware.
3. Pull your credit to check everything.
4. Have a lawyer filled in.
5. Call the FTC or check them online and make them put a credit watch for id theft on your soc sec number.
6. Do as many of these today as possible!! Don't delay.

deena04 posted 7/12/2014 18:24 PM

Also on this, with the credit watch with the FTC they will have to verify it's you applying for credit or getting credit run for a while, not sure how long, so it protects you. You can refuse false things on your report and nail them for it. Keep that bill locked up tight; do not give it to them. It's your name on it so protect yourself. Call the billing on it and tell them it's not you. But first call the cops and put your credit on watch and pull your credit report to look closely for fraud.

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HeartStings posted 7/12/2014 19:20 PM

Place a security freeze on your social security number at all three credit bureaus -- equifax, experian, transunion -- ASAP. Since it looks like you've already been the victim of fraud, it should be free, but even if not, it's only a few dollars each.

When you need new credit or a loan, you can unfreeze it online in minutes. It's really not a problem at all. I don't understand why everybody doesn't do this as standard procedure, much less if they are dealing with a divorce since the ex knows all the information to commit identity theft.

peridot posted 7/12/2014 22:31 PM


You've gotten some really good advice. Make sure you follow through with all of the advice. Don't let this go! I can tell you from experience there is probably more and they probably won't stop at this if this is all they have done so far.

Another thing I thought of is to place a password on all your accounts... bank accounts, credit cards, utilities, etc.

Gemini71 posted 7/13/2014 15:36 PM

Keep us posted on how this turns out with the cops. We all love to hear a good Karma story!

Ashland13 posted 7/13/2014 16:47 PM

Thanks everybody.

Will see what L says, share these ideas with him and proceed. Switching has been really good.

devistatedmom posted 7/13/2014 18:23 PM

Nail the creep. Why can't they just go away and stop trying to make life harder?

Ashland13 posted 7/13/2014 18:36 PM

Thank you, DM.

An acquaintance said to me, "maybe this is an example of the lousy life OW had before and she thinks stealing mine will be better".

I'm down lately because this is causing flashbacks, like when I discovered her use of my pictures on facebook with her name, her kid, my x, my kid, my dog, my house, my vacations, my parties I had for him...for some reason this girl wants the life I took 20 years to build and thinks she can just have it.

Out in the common area yard where I live now is a small hole, maybe a vole. On walks with kids, I think sometimes it would be nice if I could fit into it and then I get mad and won't be chased away from where I live, til I'm ready to go. I hate it anyway but stay on for kids. Apt isn't bad, just the town and area suck.

ETA that I managed to get a message to Perv about this subject. I acted a little dumb and asked, "How did my name get on the address where you live now?" well, no response came for a day and then today I have a message that says, "Oh, the company musta merged accounts." Well, I never had account there with my name!

His controlling self put everything in his name, but it's dupin' 'im now!

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debbysbaby posted 7/13/2014 19:43 PM

What I haven't seen suggested to do is you call cable company up and cancel that account right away! Turn off that cable bill. That account is in your name and you didn't authorize it but it IS yours, therefore you can close it. Throw that wrench in their gears.

deena04 posted 7/15/2014 16:19 PM

Ashland, are you ok? Did you get anywhere with it? Just checking cause it really bugged me that they used your name and did this.

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