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Having hip replacement Sept 8th. Sigh.

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Eranda posted 7/13/2014 19:50 PM

I've been having hip pain and mostly severely reduced range of motion for the last...12 or 13 years. The last couple years it's gotten bad enough that I just can't do much of anything strenuous- and I just turned 51.

I have put this off and put this off for a very long time. Doc says it's a "slam dunk" that I need the surgery, that my hip is seriously worn out, that I have zero hip joint and the top of my femur is being worn off, and that I have bone spurs and "junk" around the joint. He was the second opinion LOL.

If I don't do anything, it doesn't hurt that much, although I do limp a lot (and have been for years) because of stiffness. But I can't put on my shoes right, or get dressed without sitting on the bed, or exercise, or anything else. I'm tired of that, I want to be able to move again.

I have short term disability that will pay 60% of my gross salary with no taxes, for 3 months. I have a boss who's already asking if I will be able to work from home (to which the answer is not really, no). Luckily I have great health insurance and the whole thing will cost me about $1k out of pocket not including co-pays.

But I'm really down about it. Not looking forward to having to recuperate, and I'm really dreading having myself cut apart. I know it will be better in the end, but I just wish more than anything that I could avoid it forever.

There is so much to do, prepare, and think about- and I live alone. My parents will be around to help, but they are in their mid 70s and I don't like to ask them to do too much.

All in all, it just sucks. One thing I do look forward to is being able to get on the stationary bike again and exercise. I've turned in to a huge marshmallow in the last two years because I can't move very well, and I only do what's necessary every day.

Just wanted to whine for a minute, thanks for listening :)

jo2love posted 7/13/2014 20:45 PM


I know someone who had a hip replacement a few years back. Afterwards, he walked around with a huge smile and said he felt like a kid again. Sending mojo and good thoughts.

WalkinOnEggshelz posted 7/13/2014 20:57 PM


I am an Occupational Therapy Assistant. I work with patients who have had hip replacements all the time. You are still very young and should recover quite quickly from it. I'm not sure if they have given you the run down of what to expect. You will have hip precautions: you won't be able to bend your hip past 90 degrees, can't cross your legs, and can't turn the leg operated leg inward. Which means getting yourself dressed and showered will be difficult at first. But there are some pretty fun tools that will help you be able to do it BH yourself so you won't have to rely on your parents to help with that!

The hip itself will probably feel better than it ever has in some time. What will be uncomfortable will be the muscle tissue that is healing as well as the surgical site.

Take advantage of the therapy even if it seems silly. You may need to rely on parts of your body that you aren't used to using.

I hope it goes well! If you have any rehab questions feel free to PM me.

gma56 posted 7/14/2014 16:15 PM

Good Luck Eranda !
Because of your age, you should have the best results ! Just do as the Dr and therapist tell you ! Just because it feels ok doesn't mean it's healed enough to do some things yet !
Big Hugs

Catwoman posted 7/14/2014 17:30 PM

Eggy, would you mind if I PM'ed you a question about hip replacement surgery? I would appreciate some perspective.


Eranda posted 7/14/2014 20:40 PM

WOE, thanks for you input. And everyone else too :)

I keep reminding myself that the most likely outcome is that I'll kick myself for not having done it years ago. Because right now, I feel at least 20 years older than I am. I want to stop having to say "I can't" all the time!!!

My sister just had a partial knee so she's been very helpful as far as tips and hints and stuff.

I just wish I didn't dread it so much. I keep reminding myself it will be over before I know it and maybe someday I can get back to re-roofing my garage and building a new front porch... you know- the stuff I like to do LOL.

I do know about the precautions, but I'm having an anterior approach so some people say that you don't have precautions with that...? I'm looking around at my furniture trying to figure out how I can rig something to sit in that will work. My bathroom is upstairs so that might be an issue. My parents have offered to have me come stay with them for a week or so afterwards, but right now all I can think of is that I want to be at home. Maybe I'll feel differently later?

Ugh, I'm too young for this crap!!

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