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F B opt out announcements: Why?

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FaithFool posted 7/14/2014 14:15 PM

My Irish cousin just messaged me on FB and included my semi-estranged sister in the conversation.

I'm not FB friends with my bipolar sister (we see each other a couple of times a year). In the past she ragged on me endlessly about being too egotistical and "all about you", so I see no reason to do a friend request since social media is essentially "all about you" anyway.

So I gather my sis has issued one of those "I'm leaving FB" edicts which I find to be quite tiresome.

I mean if you don't want to be on it, just close your account, private message the folks you want to stay in touch with in the future, and be done with it without all the drama of an exit announcement.

My cousin is now imploring her to stay. Why she included me in the conversation I have no idea. I've sent her PMs in the past and gotten no response.

I have no intention of getting involved in this one.

It's so stupid...

jo2love posted 7/14/2014 16:00 PM

Ugh. I hate the theatrical fb drama llamas.

norabird posted 7/14/2014 16:26 PM

Why: Because they are sooo special that they know they will be deeeeply missed and that their absence will be immediately noticed.

And because they are teenagers at heart.

solus sto posted 7/14/2014 17:39 PM

It's like people who flounce off message boards--just drama llamas hoping people will fall over themselves to convince them to stay.


NaiveAgain posted 7/14/2014 20:47 PM

I stay away from the drama llamas also. I just can't deal with that crap anymore, when there are actually REAL problems that people have, and REAL issues in society and this world....I just can't abide people that create drama for their own egotistical empty souls. They are too much work for me!

caregiver9000 posted 7/14/2014 21:33 PM


I just popped in here to let you know... because I know you would want to know..

It saddens me because if I stayed I know I could say something deeply profound and helpful. But. I just have to take care of ME, ya know?

So even though I haven't really contributed to this thread in any way at all, I will be leaving this thread after this post which I will drag out for as long as possible..... (by using lots of these dot thingys.)

NO! Don't try to change my mind or beg me to stay!!!!! (Long pause here so you can do just that if you are inclined...... and more dot thingys......)

So there. I am leaving now! Really really leaving... right. now.

Cally60 posted 7/15/2014 05:14 AM

Before you go, Caregiver9000, will you at least let me adjust that flounce?

[This message edited by Cally60 at 5:14 AM, July 15th (Tuesday)]

NaiveAgain posted 7/15/2014 05:58 AM

OMG Caregiver!

Hey, don't go. Please stay. We will miss you. You are so worth it. Just give it another chance, and don't worry about what anyone else says about you. Stay! Stay! Stay! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZEEEEEEEEE!

jo2love posted 7/15/2014 09:57 AM

InnerLight posted 7/15/2014 10:24 AM

Sorry FF you have to deal with this!

FaithFool posted 7/15/2014 20:02 PM

I have been ignoring the FB convo. My cousin never responded after sis replied so I'm assuming she set cuz straight...


LosferWords posted 7/15/2014 20:06 PM

If you can read this, you are all still on my friends list.

ETA: ^^^ Those type of announcements drive me just as bonkers as the exit announcements.

[This message edited by LosferWords at 8:07 PM, July 15th (Tuesday)]

FaithFool posted 7/15/2014 20:44 PM

Oh yeah, the "Nobody reads my wall, so you have to like this or you won't be my friend anymore."

FaithFool posted 7/15/2014 23:50 PM

Ah, now we have the "99 Days" experiment, where people announce they're going off FB by posting a logo as their profile pic.

Now that's what I call a vanity project. Why not just stay off and not make such a big deal out of it?


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