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Shopping restraint help!

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norabird posted 7/14/2014 16:32 PM

So I'm trying to tackle my credit card debt and have gotten pretty good at restricting mys pending. No morning coffee (I use the office k cups), cooking at home more, etc. etc. I also have cut out shopping, which I used to spend so much money on!

But a lot of my clothes are still in storage (hopefully only for another month max, but my closing date is still unclear), and today I guess I'm just feeling down. last night i went to a wedding where I didn't know many guests, and after too many drinks at the open bar I found myself crying in a bathroom Stall. Okayyyy. Wasn't expecting that but I went to a lot of weddings with exWBF and loved dancing with him at them--very special memories to me when I made them.

Anyway, it can't be coincidence that today for the first time I'm feeling a clothing shopping craving. Not helped again by how many of my clothes are not quite fitting (I diet I guess?) and others are inaccessible.

I do have maybe $20 or so that I could spend on clothes. But, I *shouldn't*. Can someone remind me of that? I have a lot of luxurious spending in my budget already, little weekend trips and occasional tickets to events and the odd bottle of wine, etc. I need to be more firm about trimming the outgoing money while I reduce my debt! Or maybe it's ok if I let myself revert to the old retail therapy for a moment?


simplydevastated posted 7/14/2014 16:48 PM

Ooh! Macy's is having a huge sale right now! Just kidding.

You could try putting your credit cards in a zip lock bag, full it with water then put it in the freezer.

Rebreather posted 7/14/2014 16:49 PM

Whatever you are going to buy with that $20 is only going to be a fleeting reprive, and then you'll be angry at yourself for screwing up.

But the money back in your wallet and hold your head up high.

Crescita posted 7/14/2014 16:51 PM

I like to delay my splurging when I'm trying to cut spending. Do it at the end of the month/pay period, when you can honestly call it extra money. You might be less inclined to spend after holding onto it so long. If you do still want to spend it, you can consider it a reward for sticking to your budget and it shouldn't derail you.

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MovingUpward posted 7/14/2014 17:08 PM

You can do this, nora. You was smart in that you caught the coincidence. So the bigger question would be to tackle that wound that was opened at the wedding and start to work through it. The retail therapy will mask it for a little bit and right now you are working toward a better you and a better life with this credit card debt so don't give up but dig a little deeper.


Amazonia posted 7/14/2014 20:02 PM

Do you have access to your storage? Go "shop" for 1-2 items you haven't seen in a while.

norabird posted 7/15/2014 09:39 AM

I feel just like I did when I asked for NC help and then disregarded it! I ended up buying a shirt, sigh. But as with everything else back on the horse I go. I know you are all right!

Also hope I didn't bring this into non-OT status with the trigger mention...sorry!

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