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Making it Through Anniversary

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Brokenheart15 posted 7/14/2014 20:02 PM

Tomorrow would have been our second wedding anniversary (though we've been together 8 years). I'm feeling pretty down tonight and heart broken thinking about all of the empty promises and everything this marriage could have been. Just curious to see what others did to make it through the first anniversary after D Day?

BlueBlueEyes posted 7/14/2014 20:31 PM

I found out two weeks prior to my 30th anniversary. I wish I'd ended things before I was in too deep. I don't think I've said that before. It's just hard to regain trust when you feel so betrayed. I wish you strength and wisdom. Some things really aren't meant to be :(

healingroad posted 7/14/2014 21:00 PM

My 19th was last week. Very painful when we woke up, such a sad situation. But we resolved to have a nice day and we did, mostly. I think modest expectations helped.

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