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I am a Runner!!! Motivational Tuesday!

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She11ybeanz posted 7/15/2014 09:00 AM

I am a RUNNER! From the back roads behind the Potomac river to the countless trails in the Appalachian Mountains to back rural roads lined by endless corn fields in South Carolina! From around a park in the city of Sydney, Australia to the red desert sands of Ayers Rock! From the shores of countless beaches including Virginia, Myrtle, Top Sail Island and Fiji (where I could run around an entire island in 6 minutes it was so small! ;-) To and from every place I have ever called home. From numerous treadmills in countless cities ranging everywhere from New Zealand to Las Vegas!! I have run at dawn, at dusk, at noon in the summer (getting sunburned..LOL), and under the stars! I have dodged squirrels, skunks, turtles, lizards, dogs (and various other domesticated as well as wild life), baby carriages, cyclists, and many a motor vehicle with a distracted cell phone engrossed driver!

In the the the the the snow....up mountains....on railroad tracks..... through rivers and through MUD (Marine Corps mudrun 5k)!!! From shin splints to bee pulling my right hip.....then my left hip....then pinching my sciatic nerve AGAIN in my right hip and walking like a show horse for a month to avoid tripping over my foot cause it was numb.....but always just recovering and rehabilitating myself for the months my injuries kept me in the pool (as opposed to the pavement) ....eventually getting back to the streets ASAP before my running itch drove me crazy! For every time that I didn't wanna...didn't think I coulda...thought it was too early....too late....too hot....too cold....or whatever other excuse I could think of....but DID IT ANYWAY!

From being a 240 pound girl who could barely run a block without tears of pain and self doubt to a 145 pound woman who couldn't hold back my tears of joy and accomplishment when I crossed the finish line of my first full marathon in 4 hours and 39 minutes in Nashville on April 30th, 2011! I have run 2 marathons since then! From being a girl that has never won anything in my life to placing in my age group (and a few overalls) at most 5k races that I run!! I am a RUNNER!

I don't run races to compete with other runners, I run races to compete with myself; with that voice in my head that doubts my abilities, that dares tell me that I CAN'T do it......because I know deep down I CAN....and I WILL! My goals are strictly the improvement of a better self! I have met some of the most amazing big-hearted people and made countless friends in this passion! They come in all sizes, shapes, fitness levels but we all share the same common goal! This unites us and makes us like our own family of sorts! I may never be the fastest......or the thinnest....or the fittest......or the most confident.....and I may have moments of weakness where walking is just unavoidable or have an "off day" or even an "off week" where I just don't have that "IT factor!" But, I will always be a runner! It is part of who I am and what I do...and what I love! It is my passion....and my own personal religion! I will always strive to be a better than the me of yesterday mile at a time! ;-) I am a RUNNER!

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norabird posted 7/15/2014 09:48 AM

gahurts posted 7/15/2014 11:45 AM

That's a great post She11y. You confidence is shining through.

(You've been to Fiji? Sidney?? So Cool!!!)

She11ybeanz posted 7/15/2014 12:42 PM

Thank you! Yes, I went to Australia during my MBA program for a study abroad and did an extension to Fiji and New Zealand!

It was amazing!

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