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double whammy yikes

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shygirl07 posted 7/15/2014 11:18 AM

I dont do any social media except for IG. I saw last night the OW who is now with the wayward ex , she liked someones post and she has not been active on there in two years, right around the time the affair and drama happened..
I looked at her page and saw one pic of their child. Gave me the total creeps.. this was the person I was always told was a friend and would be wayward exs friend for life.. i was so naive .. he would get angry and hostile over defnding his friendship with her.. and I fought it because something never sat right.. well once her sugar daddy ran out she sure decided 7 years after me being with him to go all in for it...

additionally from that weirdness, the same creepy message I get once every few months happened last night to. I get a message every few months. It says "unknown sender" and the content is blocked... my carrier said its a blocked number potentially trying to text me.. it makes me wonder if its him .... DDAY two year anniversary is next month.. i need IC soon .. i keep putting it off ... this situation still causes me a little pain ..... he was a drug addict jerk to me and hopped directly from me to her more like OVERLAPPED and i have not spoke to him since it happened.... and i dont care to !!!!!!!!!!!!!

deena04 posted 7/15/2014 17:13 PM

I am so sorry. Do you have a way to privatize your social media acct and not look at theirs, too? Save yourself the pain and block them out. I know it sucks and is not easy.


shygirl07 posted 7/15/2014 17:52 PM

For some reason I can block her on IG but her page will still show up , its different then FB. I essentially deleted FB for a myriad of reasons, including how seeing their instant fake life come up on newsfeeds really didnt sit right..
its more of a wilpower thing for me at this point .. fight the temptation of nosiness... its weird seeing the love of my life at one point, and this new life and child .. its bizarre and hurtful ..... thank you

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