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For NY City Folks (and those that know NY City well)

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DepressedDaddy posted 7/15/2014 14:44 PM

Hey everyone!

I need to get recommendations of some fun things my DD and I can do when I take her up to NYC in a few weeks. I know all the major tourist things, but I want some great hole-in-the-wall or non-tourist places we can visit. She is a toddler, so whatever would be age-appropriate would be great. I might take her to the CP Zoo and FAO Schwartz to experience some of the touristy sites. I have been to NYC multiple times, so it's not really about me, it's all about her. Plus, I will be staying with family who live in the Lincoln Square/UWS area.

Thanks for feedback!

DepressedDaddy posted 7/16/2014 07:36 AM

Can an admin move this to the OT Forum. I accidentally posted in the F&G Forum.


norabird posted 7/16/2014 09:45 AM

Great place to be staying! Central Park Zoo is just lovely, FAO Schwartz is perfect too...and you'll be right by the American Museum of Natural History. There is a Shake Shack right around the corner from the museum, yum.

Riding the Staten Island ferry might be fun for her and the High Line is a nice place for a stroll. There's Dylan's Candy Bar near FAO Schwartz, if you don't mind the possible sugar meltdown.

No matter what you do it will be lovely. I wouldn't worry too much about the tourist/non-touristy things divide. You could always try wandering around Chinatown with her? Lots to look at. I find the Brooklyn Bridge pretty hectic and packed most weekend days, so maybe street clear of there...

annb posted 7/16/2014 18:42 PM

If she's 4+ the American Girl doll store. I think you have to make reservations. Touristy but a great place for little girls to have fun.

brooke4 posted 7/17/2014 03:32 AM

The Brooklyn Bridge Park is well worth a trip. Amazing views, a restored old fashioned carousel (Jane's Carousel) and great kid stuff, particularly at Pier 6, which has loads of water activities.

If you walk up to the DUMBO end of the park, there is famous (although I personally think it's a bit overrated) pizza at Grimaldi's and great ice cream in an old lighthouse (Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory) with views across the river.

You can take the NY Water Taxi back to Manhattan - they offer an all day hop on, hop off pass, too. It might be worth checking their times and routes - on the water is a nice way to navigate the city.

You can rent rowboats at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park, and model sailboats at Conservatory Water (

There's an 18 hole mini golf course in the Hudson River Park (at Pier 25, N Moore Street)

The Children's Museum of Manhattan on West 83rd Street.

The New Victory Theatre specializes in different kinds of theatre (dance, music, acrobats) for kids, all very high quality - you'll need to buy tickets in advance.

Outdoor kids movies in Hudson River Park

For some inexplicable reason, my kids used to think riding the Roosevelt Island Tram was really fun (a good activity if you're planning to go to Serendipity 3 (East 60th Street) for frozen hot chocolate as it's nearby.

And if all else fails, or the weather is awful, there's always bowling and ice skating at Chelsea Piers (bring your credit card)

Have fun.

ETA: some portions of the NY Aquarium at Coney Island are still closed, but if you have the time, it's a still worth a trip. And riding the D train out to Coney Island is an... interesting experience.

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authenticnow posted 7/17/2014 06:28 AM

Just to add my 2 SIL recently told me that the Brooklyn Children's Museum is way better than the one in Manhattan.

DepressedDaddy posted 7/17/2014 08:54 AM


Thanks everyone for the feedback. She is 2.5 y.o., so a lot of this sounds fantastic. Now, I kind of wish I was going to be there longer, but we are tying it together with another trip, so time is limited. However, I will have about 3 days there, so I need to strategize now!

So with all the things that have been mentioned, if there was only one of those things that you could do, what would it be? It seems hard to narrow all these great things down!

Thanks again!

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