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A step forward

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remorsefulww posted 7/16/2014 08:54 AM

Yesterday was the services for BH aunt that passed away and his grandmother the mother of his aunt is 95 years old and is always in a lot of pain, so she couldn't make it to the burial and fil and I took her home so I could take care of her. On our way home she had a mini stroke so we took her to the er and after 7 hours they said she was going to be admitted over night. BH was a paul bearer and in a different car so he had no idea till they got to where the burial site was. After about 5 hours bh shows up with food for fil and I and stayed there awhile with us. As we were in the car ride home he took my hand and thanked me for being there for his family. I smiled and said anytime I love GG.

Later on as we were in the shower he was telling me how everything went and this is the part that makes me cry because its huge. He said he kept looking over to where I would be, but I wasn't there and that made him sad because I make him feel comfortable and safe.

I know we are still in limbo and he can leave at anytime, but those words meant so much to me.

LosferWords posted 7/16/2014 09:33 AM

Sounds like a good sign that you are making him feel more safe and secure through your actions. Keep it up!

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