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Parking Karma, Plumbing, and the OM

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asurvivor posted 7/17/2014 23:43 PM

Prologue: Now I would never post a longish story unless I thought it was interesting and I being the sole judge and jury decided this one was interesting. As unlikely as it may appear most of this story is true and absolutely happened as written…all but the plumbing part, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. Oh and sorry about the OM spoiler in the title.

So I’m in the city a few weeks back (there is no city but San Francisco) and I decide to stop in and have a drink only because there happens to be a parking spot and if you happen to live or work in the city I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. One time I went into the Yapoo! Plumbing store just because it had a spot at the front door…you never know when you might need a plunger in your car.

So anypoo, (sorry) I go in and sit at the bar next to this attractive lady. I turn to her and say my magical pick up line, “I may not be Fred Flintstone but I bet I can make your bedrock”…no no just kidding I would never be that crass. I said “hey, is your name google because you’re who I’ve been searching for.”

No, actually we started talking about the Giants who were on TV and progressed from there…and if you have seen the Giants lately you know in fact that it could only go up. I liked her and I could tell she thought I was a tenth of a percent above mediocre because when I asked if she wanted to share an appetizer she said she was meeting someone in a few minutes but would love to some other time and proceeded to give me her business card.

Well, for 15 minutes more we discussed important topics like “should it be hit and run or run and hit” (that’s baseball talk for the uniformed reader) or “which is better, Stella or Becks” (that’s beer talk, but I’m sure most of you who frequent this forum knew that) and then the strangest most marvelous, incredible, stupendous thing happened…her date arrived and it was the other man. Yes, that other man. Now here I must add that at one time I wanted to shove the Yapoo! Plunger up his Yahoo! and he avoided this event the best he could because back then I was batpoo crazy and would likely have made the small intestine. Luckily for the two of us, I now could give a flying crap, (pun sort of intended) but he didn’t know and was wide eyed and bushy to get the hell away from me. I just thanked the lady for the conversation and looked forward to our seeing each other again. I got up and left but damn did I hate giving up that parking spot.

Epilogue: Phone call has been made and it is confirmed, I will share that appetizer and I suspect it will be very tasty indeed. Here’s hoping my parking Karma continues and go Gigantes.

Sad in AZ posted 7/17/2014 23:59 PM

Lostly posted 7/18/2014 00:03 AM

That, asurvivor, was a marvelous story, and might I add that it made my night . My mouth almost hit the floor when the OM was her date, because even though you had mentioned him in the title, by the time he had arrived in the story I had totally forgotten about him!!

Which begs the question, are you going to tell her about the OM when you meet for appetizers?

SBB posted 7/18/2014 00:11 AM

This world is too damn small sometimes but if I'm going to have to have a sighting this is the way to do it.

finallymefirst posted 7/18/2014 00:18 AM

You are too funny.... whats ur sign lol...great story!!!

better4me posted 7/18/2014 07:27 AM


Newlease posted 7/18/2014 07:54 AM



Salt posted 7/18/2014 11:35 AM

Ok that story just made my day :)

kiki1 posted 7/18/2014 11:41 AM


brokeninfl posted 7/18/2014 11:51 AM

I ADORE this. Too freaking fabulous.

Crescita posted 7/18/2014 12:00 PM

Oh my

Let us know how the date goes!

GabyBaby posted 7/18/2014 12:02 PM

Oh there BETTER be an update to THIS story!!!

cmego posted 7/18/2014 12:29 PM

Those will be amazing appetizers.

AnnieOakley posted 7/18/2014 14:00 PM

Great story! I will have to look for that parking spot next time I'm in The City, and need a plunger.

Definitely this story requires an update accordingly.

norabird posted 7/18/2014 14:26 PM

You should tell us more stories!

asurvivor posted 7/19/2014 15:25 PM

So I’m thinking about taking her out for some Thai food tonight. I haven’t decided where but I’ve narrowed it down to these restaurants:

Thai Tanic-I hear the Jackfruit Curry with bell peppers and cashews is fantastic but sometimes can be bit too watery

Wok this way- if I can get the adjoining tables to sing the song it should really impress her

Phuket Thai- I just love their relaxed atmosphere

Edited because I couldn't spell the word is a tough word.

[This message edited by asurvivor at 3:29 PM, July 19th (Saturday)]

neverbeokay posted 7/19/2014 17:47 PM


cmego posted 7/19/2014 18:20 PM

....and now I'm singing, "Woc this waaay, talk this waaay..."

asurvivor posted 7/19/2014 18:36 PM

I apologize for the guitar solo that will be in your head all night cmego.

Lostly posted 7/22/2014 08:55 AM

How did the date go?

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