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Do you think about the affair every day???

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neecee posted 7/20/2014 21:19 PM

Has anyone had a day or days when you actually didn't think of the affair? I am praying that someday I will go through a whole day without thinking about the OW or the A. This morning when woke up, it wasn't until I was up for about 45 minutes that I thought about the A and my "new" life. I just want to have a day when its not on my mind. Is that possible?????

stunnedin12 posted 7/20/2014 21:25 PM

I am 2 years out from d-day #1 and the affair is on my mind every stinking day. Some days it creeps up in the oddest moments, but yes, I think of wh and his affair every day. I am hopeful that as we get further from d-day #3 and he continues to do the work that the thoughts will subside.

lostcovenants posted 7/20/2014 21:29 PM

That is my prayer as well. I think of his cheating everyday, ever hour. I think I have finally gotten past every minute. Your life became an episode of The Twilight Zone. How could you not think of it everyday? My fWS says he almost never thinks of it unless I bring it up. How nice would that be? I got a nuclear bomb; he got relieved of his secret burden. This sucks.

devasted30 posted 7/20/2014 21:33 PM

I am 21 months out and I think about it everyday. Many, many times throughout the day. I wish I could have 45 minutes in the morning when I wake up that would go by before I remember, but the best I have done so far is about 12 minutes. And that was months ago. I am not as consumed by it as I was. But, it is on my mind most of the day. There are still days (like today) where I have to fight to stay. Where I have to fight to stay sane. But, it is easier now. Hard to believe, but it is.

sarahstar posted 7/20/2014 21:33 PM

Its been 6wks for me and I try not to think about it. When I do, I feel like I will go crazy. But I am not at the stage where I don't think about it daily, not sure when that day will come. As stunnedin12 said, maybe as dday gets further away, it might get less and less. I do find that I don't think about it constantly during the day though like how I did the first month. So it is easing very slightly. Definitely worse when I am alone.

Hatemyhusband posted 7/20/2014 21:34 PM

8 months and yup. Every. Single. Day.
But. The ow was heavily intertwined in my life. She and I were close. Our sons were also. We live in same town. Affair was two years lomg

So I pass places my h screwed her at daily. I pass where our children played. I run into her family. I run into her friends often

Every single day. Good thing is on most days I can toss back in the box with the rest of shitty events in my life and move forward.

Jrazz posted 7/20/2014 21:38 PM

I definitely have days where I don't think about it... and that is saying something because I'm HERE practically every day.

It's such an amazing thing to be able to support people without triggering. That's not to say that it doesn't happen, but it happens less and less.

My FWH's A doesn't pervade my daily thoughts like it used to, even at 2 years out. Time really and truly does heal.

(((All y'all)))

lilflower1000 posted 7/20/2014 21:39 PM

I'm about to hit the second anniversary of Dday and I still think of it every single day.. Several times a day. Even when I am not thinking about it, it is in the back of my mind. Hard to explain, but it is just always there especially when I'm with WH. I will say it is less graphic at this point for me. That is one plus for me.

hopefull77 posted 7/20/2014 22:21 PM

Every single day.....

LA44 posted 7/20/2014 22:22 PM

At 19 months out. Yes, I am sorry neecee but I do. I certainly don't obsess about details anymore and I don't find myself in bed crying or anything like that. The hurt is there. It's deep but it is not a constant.

Time. I know that sucks to read but, its true.


Skan posted 7/20/2014 22:28 PM

No. I don't. Which, as Jrazz says, is a bit difficult since I spend a lot of time here. I have my triggers and I have my bad days, but mostly, I don't think about it. Yeah, I do have scars and I have some issues that I am having to deal with that have arisen since his A, but I'm working on my issues, as is he, without needing to "go there" every time.

Flatlined123 posted 7/20/2014 22:57 PM

We just passed the six year mark and yes I think about it at some time every single day.

What has happened is that it doesn't bring me to my knees with heart crushing pain anymore. Just a deep sadness if I stay there too long.

I try not to give it too much head room. Some days it works, and some days not so much.

somanyyears posted 7/20/2014 22:58 PM


..raising hand !!!!! ..sadly, yes.. over 5 years out


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justme1264 posted 7/20/2014 23:34 PM

I am just 5 months out from originally finding out about the affair and there isn't a day that goes by I don't think about it. If anything, I think about it on an hourly basis.

It just sucks. There is no getting around it. People who do this to their spouses are ultimately selfish and immature. Or at least, my stbxw is. Broken or not, what they did has permanent consequences.

The only thing that helps me is trying to refocus my thoughts about the affair to how I can move forward. I don't know if this helps.

BW2639 posted 7/20/2014 23:51 PM

Two an half years...every day in some form or fashion. But same as was mentioned earlier, it doesn't bring me to my knees anymore

UndecidedinMA posted 7/20/2014 23:57 PM

coming on 3 years and not every day but 4 out of 7 in a week. I don't freak as much but it still is there.

Buckeye Wife posted 7/20/2014 23:57 PM

Unfortunately, yes.

Flatlined123 stated it perfectly for me.

Hang in there!

Lark posted 7/21/2014 00:12 AM

Still every hour... I'm just hopeful it'll be less painful, mind movie, devastating a few years out. I could handle, I think, thinking of it as a matter of fact type thing that twinges with pain. ... I couldnt handle this daily devastated feeling for years :(

Ow1 was moon obsessed... both of their nicknames were "moon-" something. They sent daily pictures of the moon. He bought her a moon necklace engraved with her nickname. They emailed poetry about the moon.

So I'm pretty sure as long as the moon is in the sky, I will think of it. Which really sucks because I liked to do a space theme with my daughters, stargaze, and teach them about the moon cycles. He took ow2 for a stargaze+oral sex date. So all of that is now out and a horrible trigger... just ugh.

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Sunnydaysahead posted 7/21/2014 00:33 AM


Almost Every waking minute. For the first time in a long time, I am wishing time would fly by, everyone says the pain lessens with time. I hope that is true.

morethantrying posted 7/21/2014 01:02 AM

18 MONTHS OUT: every day and often multiple times:

WHAT HELPS? Keeping busy with things I like, job, reading...but you can't keep busy ALL THE TIME.

THINK ABOUT ME: trying to spend less time thinking about him, what he did, how he is changing, how I feel ABOUT HIM, and focus more on ME. WHAT I LIKE, WHO I AM, WHAT I WANT TO DO...this new person, confident me, will actually be more attractive to him (I hear)...but anyway it certainly helps me. HEY, kid, FOCUS ON YOU, YOU , YOU.

A HABIT: thinking about it has become a HABIT. You can't break a habit but you can form new ones. I am working on forming new habits where if my mind strays, I think of the things I am BUSY WITH. It is a lot of work to form a new habit. I hear it takes about 45 days in all...I keep at it.

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