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Has anyone consulted a psychic?

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BrighterFuture posted 7/20/2014 23:30 PM

Who has consulted a psychic before about your life - present and future? Has anything he/she told you come true?

I'm a Christian, and hesitant on psychics but I've started to wonder if love is in my future. I want to love and be loved again.

thebighurt posted 7/21/2014 00:36 AM

I have and was told things I. *knew* for *sure* could absolutely *NOT* come true and they DID! Part of what she said sounded pretty far out, but did happen.

I went to a psychic fair once with no intention of getting a reading (I was looking for some literature) and one of the psychics there started talking to me, asked if I was getting a reading. I told her I wasn't. She told me I needed one, told me to sit down, and asked for a $1 bill. She spoke to me about my M as she folded the bill. I told her it was fine. She handed me the dollar back, folded into a bird, and said to keep it with me for protection.

I thought it very strange and forgot about the $1 folded into the bird (that is still in my wallet) for a long time. I have wondered since DDay if xpos was being unfaithful back then and she was trying to warn me. Guess I'll never know.

There are lots of psychics. If you do plan to go, ask around first to see what others have experienced.

bluelady posted 7/21/2014 06:29 AM

I love psychics! I've been numerous times, although I do it for the entertainment factor more than anything else. Some have been spot on with some things, others have been terrible. I would never make any major life decisions based on what a psychic told me.

I will tell one good story, though. I had a friend who always claimed to be a little psychic. At the time, I was married to a soldier and we knew a posting was coming up. She told me she thought we'd move to a colder climate. I kinda rolled my eyes. We live in Canada. Most of the country is cold. Anyway, 6 months later we got our orders. To Winnipeg. A city nicknamed Winterpeg, where it routinely reached -50C and stays there for weeks. One point for her.

After we moved there, I was concerned about jobs. I'm a teacher and jobs can be hard to come by. I had gotten a job from April through June, covering a maternity leave. I mentioned to this friend that I was concerned about the following year. She said that I would be in a room with coloured maps on the back wall. At the time, there was a map of Quebec painted on the wall at the back of the room. I wondered if that meant I would be hired to finish out the May leave in September. I wasn't, so I figured my friend was wrong.

That summer, she told me not to worry. I'd be in Room 214 and there would be coloured maps on the back wall. She was insistent, but I blew her off. I didn't have a job in September, so I subbed. She kept asking me about room 214 and coloured maps at all the different schools I was at. There was nothing.

In November, I was hired to cover another mat leave, this time through the end of the year. In room 4, with no maps at all. I was happy there and in February, that district offered me permanency. I was told that the following year, I would be at the same school, but in a different room. My friend begged me to find the room with the coloured maps. I look in every room in the building. No maps, and no Room 214.

Then I got the bad news that I wouldn't be staying at that school. I'd be going to the high school around the corner. One day after school, I went over to get information and the two vice principals offered to give me a tour. They were going to start with the room I'd be in. As we were walking to the stairs, one said "you'll be in a Room 214" and I stopped dead in my tracks, to the point where they asked if I was ok. I nodded and we kept going. We got to the room and my stomach was doing flip flops as they unlocked the door. The teacher who had been in there previously was a social studies teacher and all along the back wall were coloured maps.

It ended up being my favourite job and when I left to move closer to home I cried and cried.

So, do I believe in psychic ability? Yep.'s too hard to determine who has it and who is trying to fleece you out of money. I say go, with the knowledge that it's probably not true, and then if it does, what an interesting story it will make.

Sad in AZ posted 7/21/2014 06:47 AM

I reconnected with a childhood friend of my sister's several years ago. She's an astrologer, psychic and medium, and had been since childhood, but we never knew because she was raised Catholic, and evidently it's forbidden.

I'm a 'wanna be' believer--healthily skeptical. In exchange for a recipe that we made years ago, and she loved, she did my astrology chart, forcasting four years into the future. It was unbelievably correct. Some of it could be considered self-fulfilling prophesy, but most was correct and exact to the dates she gave.

I have some psychic ability, but I've never learned to control it. I'm an intuitive; I can read people very well. I need to learn to listen to this inner voice

Did it change anything in my life? No, but it was fun to see things unfold.

travels posted 7/21/2014 08:13 AM

I saw a psychic a few years ago. It didn't have anything to do with what brought me to SI. She didn't tell me anything I didn't know about myself. However, I was amazed by what she did know about me. For example, she knew I had been looking into earning a doctorate degree. I hadn't told anyone that.

I did a solo trip to New York City for my birthday a few years ago. A psychic handed me an advertisement flyer as I was walking through Times Square on my way to see Rock of Ages. I thanked her as I took the paper and she asked if I was certain I didn't want a reading. After I said no again she countered with, "Happy birthday, my dear. Enjoy your show." I hadn't told anyone in the city it was birthday. The show was a last minute decision and I was hoping there were still seats left.
Looking back, I wish I would have had a reading just to see what she would have said.

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BrighterFuture posted 7/21/2014 19:18 PM

Wow, what amazing stories.
Makes me wonder if our lives are pre-planned or just choices that we make.

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simplydevastated posted 7/21/2014 20:33 PM

I've been to psychics before. I believe in them, but I'm also a bit skeptical. They really have to prove themselves. They can be fun though.

In 2000 my husband and I married. The April before we decided we wanted to go to Scotland for honeymoon. We had just decided this and didn't tell anyone. We had made an appointment to go and during my reading she stops and looks at me with a strange look and says "You're going to Scotland on your honeymoon." There's no way she could've have known that.

Prior to that in 1997/98 we decide to move to FL. My husband (then boyfriend) wanted to be a cop and he knew it would be faster for him to do it in FL than in our state. Again, we made an appointment. Again, she stopped, looked at me and said "You're moving to FL, but you won't like it." Boy was she right! Those yrs in FL were the toughest and I did not like it at all.

If you want to go, find recommendations first. You don't want to waste money. Maybe see if there's an event that hosts group readings. There's a restaurant in my town that has dinners with a medium and she does a group reading after. That might be something to start off with, plus you'll get a feel for the person and other recommendations. Some can be costly.

Be careful who you choose.

littlefoggy posted 7/21/2014 20:57 PM

I had my palm read about 6 months before DDay and wrote down what she said.

I pulled it out about 2 months after DDay, having completely forgotten about it and remembered.

She not only predicted the affair, but several other details. I have been meaning to go back and get another reading.

Jrazz posted 7/21/2014 21:03 PM

This reminds me that wildbananas, clicky, and I are supposed to go see a psychic together.... note to self.

BrighterFuture posted 7/21/2014 21:26 PM

Hey Jrazz, let us know how it goes

Still very hesitant about doing it myself, but I would love to hear your stories

If an opportunity comes (like maybe meeting one on the streets and he/she starts telling me stuff) then I might take it.

jrc1963 posted 7/21/2014 22:11 PM

"You're moving to FL, but you won't like it." Boy was she right!

You don't think that maybe this because a "self-fulfilling prophecy"?

She planted the suggestion in your head that you wouldn't like something... and so, you didn't.

I've never had a reading done personally but I think it would be neat.

I did see Sylvia Browne give a lecture one time and she did random readings for people in the audience. I wasn't picked. My Dad was with me... he wasn't picked either. He really was hoping that he'd be picked.

Cally60 posted 7/21/2014 23:11 PM


I wouldn't take issue with people who like to visit them. It's just not something that I have any interest in doing, because I don't believe that they have any supernatural powers. (I'm sure that successful psychics have a lot of psychological insight, though.)

I'm actually quite surprised to be the eleventh poster to this thread, yet apparently the first person who is a total sceptic.

simplydevastated posted 7/22/2014 06:34 AM

Jrc, I understand that thought, I've wondered the same thing. Unfortunately, it wasn't a case of just being homesick as to why I didn't like it. It was all due to the struggles that we went through.

welcome14 posted 7/22/2014 09:59 AM

I went to one at the urging of a friend, and he was awesome. told me about the cheating and with whom, even that x liked to be called by his full name, not the shortened one, and beware of signing paperwork, I was being ripped off. I was getting divorced, and had gotten the paperwork and had just glanced at it since we had agreed on everything and signed. I re-read it and it said if I was late on the mortgage three months the house reverted to him and all the equity as well ( over 100,000 dollars). Got that changed fast, thank God for the psychic! I had never believed in them before. Another friend poo-poo'd the idea, saying the psychic just googled me, so we did a test. I called and set up an appointment with him for her, lied about her name and paid cash for the appt. She came out of the reading room with eyes the size of saucers...he had told her things no one else knew, and no way he could have run her credit card or googled her. Her boyfriend died last year, and she has seen him three times since and she has been able to get messages from her boyfriend through the psychic. I think he def has a talent, he can see the past and present very clearly. The future he's not so good at, but he's only in his twenties and maybe just needs more experience. He sure made me believe!

cayc posted 7/22/2014 10:15 AM

I had a psychic tell me not to marry xWH. Should've listened ...

ncharge posted 7/22/2014 10:30 AM

I do not do psychic readings (I am not a psychic), but I do read tarot cards. I have done hundreds of readings with excellent feedback. I have to admit, I am skeptical of most psychics, palm readers, and tarot readers. I have had one good psychic reading and NO good palm readings. I will only have one friend of mine read my tarot (he is amazing - he will only have me read his cards). So, I have had some astounding card readings and I have chosen to ignore some astounding personal readings because I didn't want to hear it. (The cards told me things about my marriage before the wedding and I really, really should have listended.) Live and learn.

Crescita posted 7/22/2014 10:57 AM

I went to a palm reader at an Italian festival back when I was in college. The only thing I can remember is that she told me I would own my own business someday. It was so far off my radar that I discounted everything else she said. Still not really on my radar, but it doesn’t seem as ridiculous, and rote, of a notion as it did at the time.

itainteasy posted 7/22/2014 12:15 PM

On Saturday I had a session with a medium at Lily Dale Assembly.

It was amazing.

She knew things that she couldn't have known.

And I felt my Nana's presence.

cissi posted 7/23/2014 17:45 PM

I'm a believer but I think it is rare when a person finds a real psychic. I've been a couple times and was really not too impressed with either, but I will say that the second one blew me away when she asked, "Why did you stop listening to music? You need to start that up again." I had not been listening to music because a relationship that I was sure would end up in marriage had ended some years prior and I was still devastated. It seemed that every time I turned the radio on it was some song that would trigger me badly about him, so I just completely stopped.

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Want2help posted 7/23/2014 19:21 PM

Not purposely.

When I was 14 I was ditching school with my then boyfriend (who would turn out to be a violent monster who abused me for the next 4 years) when an older truck pulled into a gravel lot and waved us over. It was an older Native man, who asked to read my palm and told my boyfriend to go around the back of the truck.

He held my hand and told me about how something would happen in 4 years to make me lose my faith in humanity, but how I mustn't allow it to break me (something to that effect). He gave me his business card and told me to call if I ever needed someone. Then he took off.

4 years later, on our 4 year anniversary, my boyfriend beat me to a pulp in the icy mountains of Colorado where we lived (with one another, we'd been living together for years). The cops had to take pictures of my bashed in face, and he was arrested (for the first time ever). I took off back north and reunited with my estranged family.

I can only imagine this was the event the old man had foretold.

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