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Gastric Bypass on Wednesday

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betrayedfriend posted 7/21/2014 10:19 AM

I'm having gastric bypass on Wednesday. I've been extremely overweight for years and while I've tried everything I can short of surgery, I'm taking the plunge. Please keep me in your prayers. If I don't do this I won't be around to raise my kids.

GabyBaby posted 7/21/2014 10:21 AM

Best of luck, Betrayed.
I know a number of people IRL who have gone this route and every one of them found it was the best decision they ever made.
Every single one is living a fuller life (and with the exception of one person) are a lot more active as a whole.

Here's to the new you!

purplejacket4 posted 7/21/2014 10:54 AM

Hugs BF!!

IrishGirlVA posted 7/21/2014 11:25 AM

Good luck to you! I also know a couple people who have had this surgery. One about a month ago and one about 10 years ago. The one from 10 years ago has kept her weight off although she did have struggles in the beginning with the emotional side. She was very much an emotional eater and when she couldn't eat her emotions, she had a hard time finding something else to replace it with. But she's past that now and totally thriving!

The one from a month ago is doing fantastic so far!

I understand about trying everything possible. I'm sure this wasn't an easy decision to make but I know you are making the best decision for YOU!

Here's to a speedy recovery and a brand new life!

jo2love posted 7/21/2014 14:15 PM

Good luck. Sending good wishes, mojo, and positive thoughts.

tushnurse posted 7/21/2014 16:42 PM

Good luck. Great Mojo. Healing prayers.
I know many who have done it and are thrilled with the results.
Make sure you are good about your vitamins and supplements. Di not quit them just because all is well I have had several patients lose their hair because of the rapid weight loss, and lack of protein.
Do sone serious soul searching and IC to understand why you choose food and learn how to replace that habit with something else. Even with the surgery you can gain and be unsuccessful. It's all in your hands

((((And strength)))))

imagoodwitch posted 7/21/2014 22:20 PM

Good luck to you!

Take care of yourself and take your vitamins!

nowiknow23 posted 7/22/2014 08:50 AM

(((((betrayedfriend))))) Keeping you in my thoughts.

IrishGirlVA posted 7/22/2014 09:12 AM

ps -- don't eat rice. Has a weird way of expanding in your stomach and it'll make you sick! :)

Good luck tomorrow!

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hurtbs posted 7/22/2014 09:39 AM

Sending you good thoughts. I've known many people who have had success with gastric bypass!

solus sto posted 7/22/2014 09:48 AM

Congratulations! Be sure you follow all of your doctor's postop recommendations; it's just the beginning of the journey, and the aftercare and your postop lifestyle will make all the difference in the world, in terms of long-term health and surgical success.

I know it's scary, as you approach your surgery; bariatric surgeons these days are so well-practiced and skilled that it will be a breeze. You will be sore, but get up and walking as soon as they will let you, then do it as much as you can tolerate. It will make a huge difference in terms of the abdominal discomfort (gas, in particular).

solus sto posted 7/22/2014 10:00 AM

The hair loss is inevitable. It's going to happen, no matter what. It's not related to diet or fast loss; the surgery and stress interrupt the usual hair growth cycle. (It's not unlike the hair loss many experience postpartum, or post-infidelity or other trauma.)

It will make you panic, but it is temporary, and it reverses. DO make sure to get enough protein, even if that means supplementing. A biotin supplement can help, too. Nioxin shampoo/treatment post-op seems to help.

Do be sure to take the vitamins and other supplements your doctor recommends. Consider adding Co-Q10 if it's not among them; it makes a difference.

If your doctor is among the, "This will allow you to eat what you want, just in smaller portions" camp, it is well worth talking to others (online or in person) whose doctors have a different dietary approach. A diet that focuses on lean protein and veggies, legumes, and high-quality, heart-healthy fat, with a bit of fruit is associated with better long-term results, both in terms of weight loss (and maintenance of the loss) and meeting the body's nutritional needs--with minimal risk of dumping.

Bypass affects both stomach capacity and absorption--this is why loss is rapid at first; with time, the body fairly efficiently reverses the absorption aspect. (It re-develops the ability to absorb things that it could not in the first year or so post-op.) Because of this, developing really good habits the first year post-op will serve you very well over the rest of your life.

Good luck! You will do great--and be so glad you've done this.

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