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My mom broke her NC

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Harriet posted 7/22/2014 01:05 AM

My mom hasn't spoken to my ex in over 3 years, and only a few times to my ex-in-laws when they contacted first.

A little background: I was "invited" to a family reunion for one night, until my ex was going to arrive with OW. Thanks, but no thanks. I made up an excuse why I could not go.

One of my XILs accidentally tagged me in her photo album of pics from the reunion, so it said "XIL was with Harriet."

I guess my mom couldn't handle it, since she knew it was painful for me. She responded, "In case you did not notice, Harriet wasn't there. Tactless."

My XSIL responded, "We thought she would be there for the first day! She was sorely missed!"

To which my mom replied, "And then leave discreetly? Tactless was the nicest word I could come up about unkind?"

I was in Yosemite while all of this was going on, and by the time I looked on my facebook page the whole back-and-forth had been deleted. I only know about it because it was sent to my email before it had been deleted.

I don't know how I feel about it. I guess I feel kind of, "meh." I don't know if my kids saw it, though. It could bum them out. I did get a few messages from friends asking if I'm ok, which confused me until I read my emails.

I doubt too many people read it, but I suppose it's kind of nice to have other people see how clueless my ex can be - inviting me to his reunion and then having me leave so OW can replace me.

Jrazz posted 7/22/2014 01:08 AM

While broken NC almost always ends in hassle and confusion, I want to award some points to your mamma for sticking up for you. Ahhh facebook, such a pain in the rear but there we all are.


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