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Superwoman day!

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careerlady posted 7/22/2014 02:31 AM

Well it's late and I should be asleep but I keep thinking I had a superwoman day and wanted to post about it

-Got up at 7 with DS and fed him breakfast and played, out by 8:15 for doctor's appointment.
-Got back at 9:30 just in time for his Therapy session and team meeting till 12
-fed DS lunch then went to the courthouse in a looong line with DS on my hip to try and get CS garnished
- got back a bit after 2, took a nap with DS till almost 5
- 5-7 therapy, made DS a home cooked meal while participating
- 8 started bedtime routine with DS, put him to bed
- did the dishes and tidied the living room, wiped the kitchen down, paid bills
- exercised and then vacuumed and mopped

Of course a lot of my days off are crazy like this now. But I'm happy. Because I didn't have to clean up after Snake, soothe him, or argue with him about anything I did. I was just a single mom taking care of business.

Btw when I say I had a superwoman day it just means I heard this song in my head when I was getting tired :

Dedicating that to the real superwomen out there like NatureGirl....

BrighterFuture posted 7/22/2014 04:43 AM


My day started at around 7am. Woke up, got myself ready for school, and my kids ready for daycare.
9 am - 2pm: Time spent in school and driving back and forth.
2 pm - 4pm: Picked my kids up from the daycare to the doctor (my kids have been sick)
4 pm - 5pm : Went to pick up prescriptions from Walmart.
5pm - 7 pm : Played with my kids.
7pm - 8pm: Made and ate dinner.
8pm - 9pm: Bathed my kids and got them ready for bed.
9pm - 10 pm: Cleaned up. Took a shower.
10pm - 12am: Study/SI
After midnight: Bedtime

Bravos to all the hardworking single mothers!

hopefulfourus posted 7/22/2014 05:56 AM

Awesome superwoman!!

During the school year, my schedule-work and kids events- keep me going from 6 in the morning until sometimes late at night.

One thing that I am sure most of us can relate to--my STBX could NEVER do or keep up with a schedule like this.

Here's a big hug to all of us that do this on a daily basis!! You rock!

Sleepingbeauty posted 7/22/2014 08:19 AM

The good days will become the norm!!!

norabird posted 7/22/2014 16:32 PM

Awesome, CL

AmSoDone posted 7/22/2014 16:40 PM

You are all awesome. I've BTDT and I do have a much easier life now(still work FT but so different) but I remember those days like they were yesterday.

Strong, brave, Superwomen all of you.


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