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5 Wrongs = No go

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EvenKeel posted 7/23/2014 09:00 AM

I read somewhere (sorry - source uncertain) that if you can make a list of five things wrong with someone you are dating...they are not the one for you.

I could definitely come up with five things with X so maybe that statement holds water.

Obviously, I think the types of things on the list would have some influence since "cheater" versus "leaves wet towel on bed" are very different levels.

Thoughts? Would you next someone based on the 5-wrongs rule?

brokeninfl posted 7/23/2014 12:16 PM

This is interesting. I think certainly in the "hearts and flowers" stages five significant things should be enough for a "next"

heck, maybe I'm trigger happy, but one REALLY significant thing could be enough for a "next"

I think it's not a bad thought to keep in mind from the perspective that I think it can be easy to get caught up in all the 'fun and new" of a relationship and not look for the red flags. Keeping a "tally" might keep you aware, and keeping your eyes open is always a good idea.

Sad in AZ posted 7/23/2014 13:16 PM

I can easily come up with 5 things that are wrong with me.

NaiveAgain posted 7/23/2014 13:36 PM

I can easily come up with 5 things that are wrong with me.
Yup. I think it is more important to decide on whether the things that you feel are wrong with the other person are dealbreakers. I am sure I could come up with 5 imperfections in just about anyone.

Crescita posted 7/23/2014 13:48 PM

I can easily come up with 5 things that are wrong with me.

Hmm, I made a short list of the things that bug me the most with my SO, 3/4 of them could also be said for me, then I have my own unique to me imperfections on top of those. I guess I should consider myself lucky

asurvivor posted 7/23/2014 14:12 PM

For me, this is the opposite way I think and is actually a strange question for me to even think about. If I tried, I could think of 5 things wrong with winning the lottery. In a relationship or my life in general, I never go into a situation looking for the worse or the negative. It may sound polyanish but my first thought would be more in line with what are the 5 things that are special about this person or this job or this restaurant etc etc. Believe it or not, I actually think of what are the things to be thankful for that happened to me during the day before I go to sleep every night. It works for me.

I get the red flags and the boundaries and the borders and the stop lights and the whatever, but for me,(I'm only speaking for me) being positive and thankful and giving people the benefit of the doubt has worked most, not all, but most of life. There have been times when I was lost but when I return to the life works so much better. Obviously every person or situation is not the right one for me but I never look or at least try not to look at it like it's "their" failing or's who they are and so be it, time to go forward not be angry because they aren't going to meet my standards. Hell Like Sad in Az, I could find a 100 things wrong with me. It's dating for God's sake, it's a process not an end.

Williesmom posted 7/23/2014 19:13 PM

When wxh and I split, I made a list of everything that bugged me about him. I sat down and started writing. When I got to 60, I stopped because I didn't feel like getting a second sheet of paper.

Me? Yeah, I can think of at least 5.

persevere posted 7/23/2014 19:31 PM

My IC had me write a list of all of then WH's negative qualities which was about 50+ items on my first draft - including some of his sexual inadequacies.

Best part of that list was when XWH came to move all of his stuff out of the house (with my investigator witness present) And nosy XWH dug through some stuff in our office and apparently read the list. I know this because he made a comment about something referenced that he wouldn't have known, and then I saw the list out in the office. So I know he read it all! Priceless!

SBB posted 7/23/2014 20:23 PM

I think I would have always struggled to come up with five things 'right' with the sad clown.

The 'wrong' list is a mile long. But he sure did love me a lot.

It isn't the number of wrongs but what those wrongs are. eg. I don't want a man who has small children (er, but I have small children). Supporting a particular political party is also a next for me.

I know I'll be focussing a lot more on peoples coping mechanisms in times of stress going forward. For me that is the biggie.

Loses his mind in traffic = next.
Lashes out cruelly when stressed = next.
Fights dirty (whether or not they are right) = next.
Bitches about how the world is against him = next.
Can't see the funny side of a disastrous situation = next.

EvenKeel posted 7/24/2014 07:55 AM

As you can probably guess, I am struggling in my current relationship. In my heart of hearts (and gut-tingles), I know I need to end it.

Once I posted this yesterday, I decided to do the list thing and I whipped up 16 items without any struggle at all. That was not my concern since, as noted, we could all do that for ourselves and find many of faults. What was the kicker for me was I went back through to 'star' which ones are deal-breakers for me and got five. How could that be? Like PP stated, I think I got 'caught-up' and let some things go due to the positives. There are mega positives on his list but I keep hearing loud-and-clear.....TRUST YOUR GUT.

So while I couldn't make or break a relationship based on the 5-wrongs formula, I think it is interesting to keep in the back of my mind when dating.

Thanks again everyone for sharing.

NaiveAgain posted 7/24/2014 08:24 AM

Your gut is telling you what to do...but it's always good to post here and get other opinions, plus, posting helps us to work things out for ourselves. There is something about seeing our thoughts in print that helps solidify what we need to do.

What was the kicker for me was I went back through to 'star' which ones are deal-breakers for me and got five.
One deal breaker is usually enough! Lists help sometimes!

EvenKeel posted 7/24/2014 08:42 AM

One deal breaker is usually enough!

I agree. They are things that evolve over time, that I could rationalize that either I could live with it or it would go away in time.

Example - I am allergic to cats. He has them and they are VERY present in his home. Meaning, some houses you walk in and can barely smell them. His house is a smaller, one-level and the smell is [BAM] when you walk in.

Rationalization: These are his kid's pets (and I would never expect someone to get rid of their pets) and he says they will go when the kids leave because he is more of a dog person. Therefore I rationalized this wasn't an ever-and-ever thing so I could just pop allergy meds when I go there. However, the smell is set deep into everything (ie his car, etc) so even if we go to an outdoor picnic date, he brings out his stuff (blanket, etc) and the smell hits you.

I think I have tolerated or rationalized a lot of things due to his good qualities (honest, caring, non-cheater, etc) but something has resided deep in my gut from early on.

Sad in AZ posted 7/24/2014 09:11 AM

Have you told him about the cat smell? I've had dogs all my life and never noticed a dog smell. Now that I've been petless for a couple of years, I notice it right away. There are ways of controlling it.

If it's a dealbreaker, so be it. But if you haven't mentioned it, it smacks of passive/aggressive.

EvenKeel posted 7/24/2014 10:11 AM

Yes - he knows of the cat issue(s). I know there are ways to make it better and he does some of them (ie typically washing his bedding when I am coming over) so there is an attempt.

I am sure with some stepped-up actions (cleaning), it could be improved but he really isn't motivated to do them (consistently). Some visits the place is cleaned up....other times there is litter and cat food stuck to my feet.

The cat thing is just an example to convey the types of stuff I am talking about. When I go to his place, I am typically overcome with anxiety that resembles a panic attack. This does not happen if we go out on a date or he comes to my place. However, it can be overwhelming at his place. It started the very first time I visited there and typically happens 50% of the times I go there.

Easy answer is - just don't go there. However, I feel his home is a piece of him and who he is. So if I am so filled with panic that I literally want to run out the door and hide in the hills - I should pay attention to that??

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Amazonia posted 7/24/2014 19:06 PM

What are the other 4 deal breakers? Just curious (and nosy )

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